NBA: Will the NBA dare to suspend LeBron James? What about Stewart?

Recordings of Sunday’s Pistons – Lakers game have already circulated the whole world of sports. In a fight over a fundraiser, LeBron James punched Isaiah Stewart in the face. The Pistons player was so furious that he broke away from security, coaches and teammates several times to get LeBron. Fortunately, it ended with threats and madness. Now the NBA officials have a hard time to crack – should the league’s biggest star be suspended when the only game of the season is broadcast on national TNT in Madison Square Garden?

If by some miracle you haven’t seen the video yet, this is in between LeBron and Stewart, then watch it first (video below), then come back here.

Let’s analyze what happened in this situation and what the possible consequences are for both players.

  • The situation took place in the third quarter when Los Angeles Lakers they were losing 66:78.
  • During the player’s throws Detroit Pistons free LeBron James he was the fifth player (furthest from the basket).
  • Isaiah Stewartwho should jostle with DeAndre Jordanwho was closer to the basket, tried to shove with LeBron.
  • James he unleashed his rival, but hit him in the face (above the eye).
  • After impact LeBron looks like he realized he was overdoing it and stuck his hand towards the player, it looked like a gesture of “sorry”, not to pump up the atmosphere or to show his superiority.
  • Stewart he ignored it. He started towards LeBron and it started.
  • Everyone tried to hold back Stewartwho once said “OK OK” then broke away again and ran across the pitch like an NFL player, passing more bodyguards, coaches and teammates trying to stop him. Then he ran down the tunnel to the changing room, most likely with the intention that he would run out on the other side.
  • The recordings show that LeBron hit Stewart fist to the face – a punch above the neck automatically inflicts an offense of Flagrant 2 and removal from the court.

What’s next?

  • NBA will now decide on penalties for both players.
  • NBA tries to take care of its image and suppress such situations with financial penalties and suspensions. NBA He also wants to warn the players that it will be expensive for them, because they will not receive remuneration for not playing a match.
  • LeBron James may be suspended for one or two matches.
  • Isaiah Stewart it can be suspended for up to three or four matches.
  • However, there is a theory that says the NBA will not crash LeBron because on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday on a national station TNT the match played in New York will be broadcast KnicksLakers.
  • There is also a headquarters in NY NBA and it’s the only chance to see LeBron in New York against Knicks in Madison Square Garden during the regular season. The loss of image and financial situation for the NBA can be an argument to, for example, punish LeBron only financially, but not to suspend it from any match.

Why is the punishment for Stewart may be greater than for LeBron?

  • Of course that Stewart is “aggrieved” because he received a blow, but in team sports, when assessing such situations, there is no way anyone would say that “LeBron hit, and Stewart didn’t really do much“. On the contrary.
  • The disciplinary judge, in the NBA probably the entire jury, will assess the situation from before the impact until the game is resumed. That means behavior Stewart after it has been hit it will be judged, and this one will surely be very critical.
  • Stewart he wanted to attack several times LeBron. His aggressive behavior could have led to an escalation, joining a fan fight and creating an unmanageable situation. That did not happen, of course, but most likely it will be the reason why the Detroit Pistons competitor will receive a greater penalty than LeBron James.

Decision NBA should be announced within a few or a dozen hours, and we will definitely talk about this whole event in the next podcast PROBASKET Live on YouTube this Thursday, November 25 at 21:00. Please visit the PROBASKET channel on YouTube!

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