Nearly 200 episodes later, this week we say goodbye to a superhero series that had me hooked for years. flash expires

The CW series closes this week, ending the “Arrowverse” gateway to the DC universe for thousands of viewers

The world of superheroes has completely turned to television with the emergence of Disney+, HBO Max, and the interest of Netflix and Prime Video to gain a foothold in the region, but several years ago the genre was practically dominated by TheCW and its own There was no monopoly. Announced by fans as “Arrowso”. His series had hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks around the world, with content creators analyzing each chapter and creating a good chunk of the follower seed. dc comics that survives today.

This success first came with Arrow, the first live-action adaptation of Green Arrow (the second if we count his secondary role in the last few seasons of Smallville), reaching a higher level of expectation with The Flash, which is based on Scarlet Runner. is a television story. Very soon it will make the jump to the big screen, and it expanded in unexpected ways with Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow, in which we could add Black Lightning in its final years. Together they gave a whole new meaning to crossovers on television, with a spectacular five-hour episode of Crisis on Infinite Earths where Brandon Routh Proved To Be An Imperial Superman, In the last three years, all these programs are saying goodbye to us, except one which will say goodbye to its viewers this Wednesday.

With the end of The Flash, an era of moderate successes for DC Comics’ superheroes on the small screen came to an end. Yes, they weren’t the significant phenomenon, for example, of Daredevil and The Punisher on Netflix, but they vibrated thousands of fans week after week with their tales of overcoming, in some cases inspired by the publisher’s comics.

It was hard not to be excited about the last episode of The Flash’s first season.

Flash was my gateway into this universe. And I remember like it was yesterday how attached I was to the first season of it, with the first batch of chapters where there were such iconic enemies, and I devoured them in the comics, like Eobard Thawne or Rogue, had television translations worthy of any praise. I also remember being excited about Barry Allen’s trip to the past, while the end of the third batch of chapters had me biting my nails. overall have been A little over 180 episodes are aired In nine years, a really high figure and inappropriate for the present times in which we live, platforms and television channels prematurely canceled their shows.

Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Admittedly, there is debate as to whether The Flash should have ended the score several episodes ago. His scripts haven’t been fresh in a long time, and I can’t remember when I stopped watching them for good. It also didn’t help how their tight budget had to compete with Marvel Studios’ own film investments on Disney+, but in the end, in a few years, we’ll only remember The Flash as the series where Barry Allen didn’t stop Searching your limits to save humanity. “Barry Run, Run”,

The Legacy of the “Arrowers”

From today onwards, only a small legacy of the “Arrowers” will remain on television, though probably not for long. superman and lois It was a reboot for the character played by Tyler Hoechlin in Supergirl, which set up his storylines as the Last Son of Krypton in a world without great superheroes. Unfortunately, the series’ days seem to be numbered on TheCW as well.

As for Barry Allen, his adventure will finally, and after many delays, hit the big screen in The Flash, a film that continues to receive praise. The film, starring the controversial Ezra Miller, opens June 16.

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