Negative calorie versus empty calorie: how to recognize them at the table to lose weight Cook

On the one hand there are the calories definable as “Negative”on the other the said calories “Empty”. If we dwell on the common use of these adjectives, we could make a mistake: the names are misleading, making us think of something negative, precisely, in the case of negative calories, and instead of something positive regarding calories. empty.

Negative calories vs empty calories: the differences

The expression “Empty calorie”, in fact, it could suggest something that does not bring calories, while instead it is a calorie that is equivalent to the traditional one but that does not carry any of the micronutrients important for the well-being of our body. So the empty calorie is a calorie that we could also define ‘stupid’, pass the term to us, in the sense that it is a calorie that will only make you fat without offering precious ingredients for our body’s daily needs. The empty calorie is the typical one of junk foods, foods that have only sugars and fats without also containing precious micronutrients such as vitamins and mineral salts. On the other hand, an expression that could be seen as something negative in reality is not, despite the name: they are defined as foods a negative calories foods with such a low number of calories that introducing them and activating digestion would burn more than the caloric intake of the food ingested. So in this case it is about foods that make you lose weight by eating. Let’s find out how the negative calorie mechanism works, to embrace them. And let’s also find out how empty calories work, to avoid them.

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