Negative streak against Tevez and Independiente

Following the departure of Ricardo Zielinski, Independiente have chosen Carlos Tevez to take over the management of the first team in a difficult situation due to the football and organizational situation. Some names have been dropped (Ariel Horan, Gustavo Alfaro, Mauricio Pellegrino, Gabriel Milito, etc.), while others have been less convincing (as in the case of Lucas Pucinelli). And the Apache acquired another DT, Walter Arvity, who met with the Red Army leadership.

2022 will be the age of Carlitos At Rosario Central, he managed 24 games (6 wins, 10 draws, 8 losses)., to take over the devilish super-hot rudder. Can he keep this category? That will be revealed in the remaining 13 days of the Pro League Cup. Independiente will tie-break Colón and Huracán today to see who will be relegated with Arsenal.

Now, before assuming It’s worth checking out Tevez’s interesting stats as a player against Independiente.A team that never wins. Moreover, he was also unable to convert him. Incredible from such a big winning footballer as Carlitos, who only wore the Boca shirt for three seasons in Argentina. 2001-2004, 2015-2016, 2018-2021.

Tevez has faced Independiente five times: Apertura 2002 (the day the Toro Gallego team made it 1-1 with a disappointing Lucas Pucinelli goal), 0-0 in Apertura 2003, 2-1 against Avellaneda’s team in Apertura 2004, 0-0 in Apertura 2004 0 Super League 19-20, 2021 Pro League Cup 1-1.

2021 Tevez vs. Independiente (Fila). 2021 Tevez vs. Independiente (Fila).

Already as DT, the Apache visited Ricardo Bochini Libertadores de America defending the colors of Rosario Central.finished on an equal footing Day 8 of Pro League 2022 will be goalless. What will happen on the devil’s bench?

Thebes (Carol) of Avellaneda. Thebes (Carol) of Avellaneda.
An important meeting in the red: leadership debated between Tevez and Elbiti

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An important meeting in the red: leadership debated between Tevez and Elbiti

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