Nek and Diana Del Bufalo sing Shallow Lady Gaga in a virtual duet

Nek and Diana Del Bufalo sing Shallow in a virtual duet. The two artists found themselves in direct social and have proposed the winning song already played during the evening of the Oscars, when all the fans were dreaming of a love story, she between Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

The video was introduced ironically by Filippo Nevianithat joked about the fact of having written this song, and have vista removed from Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, that have made it a worldwide success thanks to the film A Star Is Borntelling:

“You can’t write a song that immediately by Lady Gaga, and Bradley Cooper you steal and make us a movie”

Nek into the new album

In these days of quarantine, Nek announced the arrival of a new album, identified in the second part of My Favorite Game. The release date is scheduled for may 29, but has already released the first single – Forgive – which was followed by a version of the family of And Heresung by the daughters Beatrice and Martina.

The first chapter of the new era label Nek it was started in 2019 with the release of My Favorite Game – Part 1published immediately after the participation in the The Festival of Sanremo in I Will Be Ready. The song had not achieved the expected results in terms of ranking but it has been a great success on the radio. Nek it was also on the tour, toThe Arena of Verona and in the theatres, while they are not announced the dates for the support of the new album, nor we spoke about the possibility of a tour.

The songs from the new album were written before the quarantine, but the first single, Forgiveis not been chosen at random. The text of the individual is, in fact, particularly significant for the period through which we are passing, with the lockdown that was just loosening up with the first re-openings by the 4 may.

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