Neobank Revolut enters mobile phone field, uses eSIM card to make international calls

Financial institutions will provide eSIM calling capabilities

Neobank Revolut enters mobile phone field, uses eSIM card to make international calls

Revolut, a 100% digital financial institutionrecently announced it would begin offering mobile phone service after closing a company Agreement with remote operator 1GLOBALSpecialize in services International call. In this way, the neobank, which has more than 35 million customers globally, seeks to expand its services for higher category accounts.

eSIM for international calls at Ultra rates

Revolut will offer users super account customer Possibility of having eSIM Full of Advantages For international calls.Currently this service has started in the UKsince leaving the EU means many restrictions in this regard.

Revolut’s Ultra rates are One of the company’s most uniqueso the eSIM service will be targeted at those willing to pay the fee Possibility to add 1GLOBAL eSIM to your products and services.In fact, if you want to know All about products and services Services offered by the company, do not hesitate to take a look at this article where you can find all the details of what Revolut offers as Neobank.

A bank for the most traveled people

Today, there are Many traditional banks or 100% digital banks Providing services and products focused on international use. However, in the case of Revolut, the neobank was created precisely to make life easier for those who travel frequently, frequently operate in multiple currencies and seek the advantages and perks of services such as flights. All this, plus its updated interface, makes Revolut Very attractive service for your target audience.

Furthermore, as a bank Currently have Spanish IBAN In our country you can also use a variety of services offered by traditional banks, such as direct debit for invoices or salaries, pay taxes or withdraw cash. 4B ATMs such as Servired and Euro 6000. They are also preparing to offer instant transfers through Bizum, which will celebrate the fact that they have exceeded 2 million customers in Spain.

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