NeonFlexMood, the neon art that conquers even the VIPs: from Emma Marrone to Gigio Donnarumma

The artist who creates unique, original neon works Dario Pelagalli, a young former electrician, who in his atelier in Casal Bruciato, creates comic characters, hearts, animals, the inevitable language of the Rolling Stones, Albert Einstein and Queen Elizabeth, The Scream of Munch and Michael Jordan, Batman, Joker, Simpson and Spiderman managing to satisfy even the strangest requests of customers

Rome – When we talk about Neon Flex Mood we are not talking about the usual neon, but about something more, much more; to create i Neon Led in fact, the Neon Flex Led technology which allows to give birth to unique works. It is a new technology that uses a complex process to generate the light starting from electricity; the tube is made of hyper-flexible silicone material which, in addition to being safer than traditional neon, also allows for the creation gorgeous designsfrom the simplest to the most complex.

So after a few years from Electrician, Dario Pelagalli, 30, had the idea of ​​using this tool to create artistic works. We are on Tiburtina, Casal Bruciato areaand here in February 2020 Neon Flex Mood was born, a shop that creates neon works. Which, as some might think, are not just written. The latter are very popular, but then they can be made real bright paintings. Having a neon artwork allows you to overcome an impasse on furniture.

Oh my God, what am I going to put on that wall? ”. “A luminous work fulfills a function of furniture and designbut it also allows you to illuminate an environment. A way to make guests and friends remain speechless. And in fact many customers arrive by word of mouth “tells Dario Pelagalli. The writings to be put on the walls go a long way, but the works range indefinitely and there is no boundary to creativity: comic characters, hearts, brands, animals, characters stylized notes, the inevitable language of the Rolling Stones, Albert Einstein and Queen Elizabeth, the Scream of Munch and Michael Jordan, Batman, Joker, Simpson and Spiderman.

“I have customers of all kinds: from the 25 year old who is furnishing his first home to the 60 year old who wants an original touch for the living room “, explains Dario. There are also VIP clients: the singer Emma Marrone and the footballers Gigio Donnarumma and Mattia Zaccagni, to name a few. “There strangest request it was the luminous reproduction of the work The origins of the world, but I receive all kinds of questions. The customer comes up with an idea, with our graphics we make a drawing and we create it “, says Dario.

Then there is all the work for the acompanies, parties and events, clubs (bars and discos), the Television programs. Their neons were used in the Lol transmission, in the tv series I Ferragnez, in some music videos (Tommaso Paradiso). They have curated installations atAuditorium (Bucolica) and for the Balloon Museum.

“We are 7I am the oldest, the others are all under 27. The greatest satisfaction was that of transforming a passion into a job. And it’s not always easy. We also collaborate with artists, who want bright inserts in their works. And those are gods unique pieces “, says Dario.

THE prices range from 60 euros for table lamps up to 700/800 euros for panels and installationon the wall. This type of neon does not heat up and has very low consumption: can stay on all day e last for about ten years.

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