Netflix adds two new games for subscribers

Believe it or not, I really wish I could take Netflix’s gaming ambitions seriously. For this to happen, however, the service provider himself must first begin to respect the project in this way. Can the additional two games on the site change it?

Netflix’s shy steps

Earlier this month, Netflix debuted with its gaming service on Android and iOS. The website’s rather modest portfolio contained several small titles with items signed with the logo Stanger Things at the forefront. However, this situation is slowly changing since the service received two new productions – Bowling Ballers and Asphalt Xtreme.

ABOUT Bowling Ballers it is difficult to say something special – it is, after all, quite typical, “infinite runner “, which there are far too many on the mobile market. A more interesting case is for this Asphalt Xtreme, a continuation of the legendary racing series from Gameloft, which dates back to the times of Java games.

A five-year-old game saved from the abyss

As TechCrunch reminds us, Asphalt Xtreme was disabled on September 30, 2021, preventing players from having fun in this quite correct race for a month. It’s hard to blame Gameloft for this. The production was originally released in 2016, and the developer has a tendency to cut off old, non-profit producing.

Netflix made an agreement with Gameloft, thus offering production to subscribers of its streaming platform. Installation is surprisingly simple. Netflix doesn’t have a separate gaming app, so just search for the title in the App Store or Google Play. Netflix asks for login credentials when starting the game. When this recognizes the paid subscription, we can fully enjoy the new production. Well, not that new again, as a 5-year-old!

But with whom does Netflix want to compete with such positions? The only reasonable thought here is Apple Arcade, although this platform also offers much higher quality titles than typical mobile games. So it only remains to observe the situation. When the VOD giant adds more titles to the service, then we will be able to better define the audience the service provider intends to reach.

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