Netflix, Disney + and Prime Video: 5 series to binge this summer on the platforms

While waiting for the return of good weather, streaming platforms are fueling Belgian homes. Halfway between the start of the summer holidays and the start of the school year, here are five series that we invite you to discover and follow without missing a beat.

1) The Lincoln Lawyer – Netflix

From the novels of Michaël Connelly, The Lincoln Defense premiered on Netflix in May 2022. Set against Los Angeles, crime and confusion, this courtroom series is as interesting as the 2011 film of the same name, starring Matthew McConaughey. Subscribers to the platform can follow the return to business of the brilliant lawyer Mickey Haller with his demons and his charisma, but also with his Lincoln Navigator, which he considers a real office. The second season of the series, carried by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo and in particular Neve Campbell (Scream, Life at Five) is to be followed in two parts, the first has been accessible since July 6, the second since August 3 on the streaming platform.

A thrilling series in the legal world. ©Netflix

2) The Summer I Turned Pretty – Prime Video

Make way for a little sweetness with The summer when I became prettya romance, carried by Lola Tung and with Rachel Blanchard (clueless), which tells the story of Isabel Conklin, aka Belly, a teenager who, every summer, returns with her brother and mother to the residence of family friends at Cousin’s Beach in New England. Belly, however, is no longer the little girl she was in previous years. Having become a real young woman, she begins to attract the attention of boys and in particular that of her long-time friends whom she has always considered to be brothers. First love, first heartbreak, the adventures of Belly plunge us back into carelessness and the beautiful moments of a summer that we never want to see end. After the success of the first season, available since summer 2022 on Prime Video, the platform unsheathed the second season last July and has already ordered a third season for next year.

Great romantics will love it. ©Prime Video

3) PainKiller – Netflix

Just like the exceptional dopesickreleased two years ago on Disney +, the 6-episode miniseries PainKiller, available from August 10 on Netflix, focuses on the origin and consequences of the opioid crisis in the United States. Based on Barry Meier’s book of the same name and the article The Family That Built the Empire of Pain, she looks back on the story of the Sackler family, leaders of Purdue Pharma, the pharmaceutical companies behind the sale of OxyContin, and on the victims of this painkiller which made them dependent on opioids. In the casting, we find the unforgettable actor of Ferris Bueller’s Crazy Day (1986) and Sarah Jessica Parker’s husband, Matthew Broderick as Richard Sackler, the big boss of the controversial lab.

A captivating mini-series set in the pharmaceutical world. ©Netflix

4) Only Murders in the Building – Disney+

From August 8, you will be able to find the atmosphere of the Arconia. Only Murders in the Building is back for a third season and new storylines. The Gomez-Martin-Short trio is delicious in this program offered by Disney +. Better ? Meryl Streep will camp a new character there. Which promises us good times in the heart of the New York of artists and other sores. As a reminder, season 2 ends with an argument between Charles-Haden Savage and Ben Glenroy (Paul Rudd) who star in a play directed by Oliver Putman. While Mabel is in the room, Ben Glenroy collapses… A new murder to solve for the trio and their famous podcast.

“Only Murders in the Building”: Oliver (Martin Short), Charles (Steve Martin) and Mabel (Selena Gomez) resume the investigation in season 3, available on Disney + from August 8. ©Hulu

5) One Piece – Netflix

It’s one of the most anticipated series of this summer, if not the entire year. Composed of 8 episodes of about 50 minutes each, the live-action adaptation of the famous manga One Piece lands August 31 on Netflix. Just to end the holidays in style. Monkey D. Luffy, a character endowed with superpowers and determined to become the new “King of the Pirates”, is played by Iñaki Godoy, known for playing Bruno in the series Who killed Sara?, also on Netflix. For this event outing, the platform has provided the means. No less than 144 million dollars would have been used to make the series, or 18 million per episode.

The One Piece series will be available on August 31. ©Netflix

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