Netflix documentary about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial exposes social media’s blind bias

The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard became one of the most reported (if not the biggest) trials of the last century.. It’s because of the hero’s fame, and how rare these days it is for two celebrities of their stature to fail to reach an out-of-court agreement not to take out their dirty laundry in front of the whole world. This is the reason for the above. It’s all for the sole purpose of gaining followers in front of thousands of YouTube and millions of viewers on his Twitch streamer channel, with unfiltered comments from fans commenting live in real time. Because there is At the expense of abuse and mortality in cases of abuse Between two of Hollywood’s most popular actors.

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The Netflix documentary, for example, tries to be impartial, unlike the recent The Last Hour of Mario Biondo. And that means today infuriating both sides equally. However, it is very clear from the beginning that the parallel trial in the general opinion of social networks was already decided from the beginning. Whether around the Courthouse in Fairfax, Virginia or on networks like TikTok and Twitter, The majority defended the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actors (and will continue to do so) Even before any evidence or testimony is submitted.

The public outcry against Heard, something Depp really wanted with a trial regardless of the verdict, had already happened. blind fanaticism, in any field, let us automatically discard anything that contradicts our story (he is lying, he is acting, it is absurd), and only those two We cling to every burning nail that supports our version of the facts we know. The most certain thing in listening to their statements and heeding the evidence is The relationship was very toxic for both parties.but the balance was already pre-adjusted.

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Although the defamation verdict largely favored Depp, Both actors were found guilty of at least one charge.Emma Cooper The filmmaker of a new documentary series told Variety why she doesn’t expect more interviews from any of the trial’s protagonists.

“Actually, my intention has always been to try to make the trial conversation a real focal point. During the trial, I wanted to avoid any ‘he said, she said’And I really wanted to talk about us and how we communicate, and how we view events that have nothing to do with us. In fact, that’s what this show is all about, but you can’t help but see some of the things being said about me without watching the show, and why people are jumping to so many conclusions Interesting. “

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“I don’t think it’s ‘Dep vs. Depp.’ ‘Hard’ is going to shake the foundations of justice in his country,” Cooper continues. “We had experienced judges, we talked with jurors every day, we got good testimony from both sides, we had great lawyers and evidence.”But I think it’s very interesting that YouTubers were welcomed in this case, and I felt they certainly had a different kind of intention.. As humans, we must recognize the power of public opinion. “

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