Netflix increases in price from now on in UK and Ireland, will Italy follow? –

Netflix announced that from now on price of subscriptions in the UK and Ireland has increased. This choice follows the US price increase in January. Will Italy be next?

As indicated, the basic plan of Netflix has increased from 5.99 pounds to 6.99 sterile (only one screen, only in SD). The second level plan (two screens and HD) will now cost £ 10.99, up from £ 9.99 previously. Finally, the third level (four screens, Ultra HD) now offers the price of 15.99 pounds compared to the previous 13.99. In Ireland, the prices have become: € 8.99, € 14.99 and € 20.99.

Netflix, on various types of screens

Netflix, on various types of screens

THE new subscribers from now on they will pay these figures, while those who are already subscribers could be saved for some time. The time of the price change will be indicated by an email, which will arrive 30 days before the price change. However, if you decide to change your plan, you will immediately pay the increased price.

In Italy, the price of Netflix increased, for second and third level subscriptions, in October 2021. For the moment there is no information related to a further price increase for Italian soil. In case of news, we will not fail to update you.

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