Netflix is ​​testing the restrictions on account sharing again

Are you a Netflix subscriber? Do you pay for it yourself or for a company? The latter option is sometimes overused and there are attempts to curb this practice again.

Sharing Netflix accounts in the spotlight, this time it’s Italians

Again, because it’s not a new topic. It was quite widely echoed at the beginning of last year. So much so that Netflix reacted fairly quickly and issued a reassuring message saying that it did not want to “tighten the screw.” Did you believe?

As for the reluctance to change, a lot of tests are carried out. This time they take place in Italy, where Netflix presents a warning screen aimed at people who share passwords to the site. It does not differ from what could be seen in other countries last year. Again, you can verify the received code (via SMS or e-mail), or create a new, own account.

Is it legal to share a Netflix account?

A few months ago, Netflix decided to update the price list in Poland. Currently, the three offered packages cost PLN 29 a month, PLN 43 a month and PLN 60 a month. The differences are not only due to the video quality, but also the number of screens on which one account can be used. More details related to this can be found in our earlier publication.

It’s worth knowing that the whole thing is not about sharing the password within one household, because Netflix allows it. More and more is said that the problem is sharing an account with friends, extended family or even between random people.

Why? Of course it’s all about money. Everything seems to indicate that Netflix would like to introduce more serious restrictions, but at the same time not upset too many users currently looking for savings. It seems to be quite a difficult task, because in the event of having to pay the subscription on their own, some of them may completely resign from this service. On the other hand, there will probably be those who decide to have their own account. The question is which group would turn out to be more numerous. How do you think?

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