Netflix: movies and TV series coming out in July 2022: the plots

THEthe month of July part big on Netflix with the last episodes of the fourth season of Stranger Things. Will our young heroes be able to save their pens? And it continues maintaining a high level of curiosity about titles of series and films. Looking forward to the new season Virgin Riverthe sequel to Under the Riccione sun and Resident Evil: series from survival horror born in turn from the successful video game, a saga that has apparently not run out of cartridges.

Dakota Johnson revives Anne ElliottJane Austen’s character in Persuasionwhile Ryan Gosling he is hunted by killers from all over the world in the action movie The Gray Man (on Netflix after a visit to the cinema. There is also the Korea this summer in a revenge movie starring a woman who wants revenge on her ex-husband’s lover: he will do anything to take her to hell.

TV series to be released on Netflix in July 2022

Stranger Things 4 (volume 2). From July 1st

Last jokes before the grand finale of the fifth season. Everything is to be expected in the latest installments of Stranger Things, even that some of the historical characters we are all fond of leave us pens. Brothers Duffer up the ante and the series becomes darker.

A battle unlike any other is also to be expected. Steve, Robyn and Nancy are trapped in the Upside Down How will they get out? Steve yes will he sacrifice for his beloved Nancy? Or it will be Lucas Sinclair to leave the fans breathless? The tension is high.

King of Stones. From July 6th

Felix Armand wants to taste successhe is in fact behind the mind of one of the top companies in Germany, which, however, hides something shady: the boss Magnus he is hunted down by the Sicilian mafia. Not only that: money laundering, investor scams and much more are about to bring the company down.

Felix is managing the situation: press, politics, crime and Magnus himself. From mediocre programmer becomes the Germany’s biggest crook after the war. Next to her appears a certain Sheila Williams, the woman he really shouldn’t fall in love with.

“King of Stonks”. (Netflix)

Boo, Bitch and That endless night. From 8 July

Over the course of one night a high school student, with a very peaceful existence, takes the opportunity to change everything and start living a completely different life. She suddenly she discovers this radical change is due to an extraordinary fact and disturbing: it is a ghost.

All time from 8 July will be available on Netflix That endless night. During the eve of Christmas a group of armed men surrounds the Monte Baruca prison and cuts off communications with the outside world. The goal is to catch a dangerous serial killer named Simón Lago (Louis Callejo). Prison warden Hugo (Alberto Ammann) prepares to resist.

“That endless night”. (Netflix)

How to change your mind. From 12 July

Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney and author Michael Pollan sign this docu-series in four episodes, each focused on a different hallucinogenic substance: LSD, psilocybin, MDMA and mescaline. Looking partly at an almost forgotten historical context, Pollan guides the viewers towards the frontiers of the new psychedelic renaissance to examine the hypothesis that these substances are capable of healing and changing minds and culture.

From July 13th it will be available instead DB Cooper: the hijacker who vanished into thin air. In November 1971 an unprecedented event has happened: a flight of the Northwest Airlines it was hijacked by a man who managed to disappear with $200,000. In the course of fifty years it has not been possible to trace the identity of the hijacker. There are few leads and too many suspects: DB Cooper remains one of the greatest mysteries of the twentieth century.

A scene from Alex Gibnay’s docu-series. (Netflix)

Resident Evil: The Series. From July 14th

On the wave of success of one of video games more love yourself and sold of all timehe arrives Resident Evil in series format. It will live up to the film saga with Milla Jovovich?

The series is spread over two timelines. In the first two fourteen-year-old sisters, Jade and Billie Wesker, they move to New Raccoon Citya city that hides secrets and is not ready for one pandemic global. In the second the two protagonists are catapulted ten years later when people have to deal with gods monsters infected with the T virus. Jade is 30 years old and trying to survive in this new world tormented by the secrets of the past.

Marriage and wishes. From July 15th

We needed a film made in Korea in July. A divorced woman goes to a marriage agency for the super rich to take revenge on ex-husband’s lover. She will do anything to ruin the couple’s life and has a diabolical plan in mind: «When she is at the pinnacle of happiness I will destroy her», the woman is convinced. Will she be able to get what she wants?

Virgin River. Season 4. From July 20th

Returns the couple formed by Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) e Jack (Martin Henderson). She’s pregnant, that’s all she wanted, but she has a doubt that tears her apart: who is the father of the child? Mark, her deceased husband, or Jack? The same dilemma he has Jack. Things get complicated in this new season with the arrival of a handsome doctor who is ready to start a family of his own.

Hope (Annette O’Toole) How is she? She almost died in a car accident. She luckily she survived, but the psychological effects caused by brain injury will have profound repercussions on his life and that of Doc.

Sarah Dugdale as Lizzie and Mark Ghanimé as Cameron. (Netflix)

The most hated man on the internet. From July 27th

Another docu-series. This time the story focuses on the mission undertaken by a mother against the self-styled “King of Revenge Porn” Hunter Moore, responsible for getting the photo Of nude of the daughter of the mother mentioned and of many women and mendestroying their lives. The story unfolds through exclusive and moving interviews with many women and men who fought to get their photos taken off the site, to law enforcement officers who worked on the case and to the paladins who fought to bring Moore to his knees.

From 29 July it’s up to Uncoupled. Michael (Neil Patrick Harris) thought her life was perfect, but then her husband surprises him by leaving after 17 years. Suddenly Mic faces two nightmares: losing what he thought was his twin soul and find himself over forty years old as a man singles and gays in NYC.

Neil Patrick Harris in “Uncoupled”. (Netflix)

Movies coming out in July 2022 on Netflix

The monster of the seas. From 8 July

The prize Oscars Chris Williams (Oceania) signs the animated film weblog Netflix. In an age when terrifying creatures roam the seas, hunters of monsters they are considered real heroes. And the great Jacob Holland (Claudius Santamaria) is certainly the most acclaimed. But when the young Maisie Brumble clandestinely embarks on his legendary ship, the man surprisingly finds an ally. Together they embark on an epic journey into uncharted waters. Diego Abatantuono lend a voice to Captain Crowwhile Julia Stabledancer and winner of the XX edition of Friends by Maria De Filippi, makes a vocal cameo.

“The monster of the seas”. (Netflix)

Dangerous Liaisons. From 8 July

Célene she is a girl full of ideals who believes in absolute love and is more interested in reading than ai social networks. The seventeen-year-old is preparing to move to Biarritz, leaving her boyfriend Pierre in Paris. As soon as she arrives, she has to face the elite of his new school, headed by the Queen of Instagram Vanessa and the famous surfing champion Tristanas fascinating as it is dangerous. Célene she falls for it and falls in love with the rebellious boy. In reality Tristan he had made a cruel bet with his friend Vanessa. Does it remind you of any other teen movies?

The two protagonists of “Dangerous Liaisons”. (Netflix)

Under the Amalfi sun. From July 13th

Under the Amalfi sun is the sequel to Under the Riccione sun. Vincent returns (Lorenzo Zurzolo), Camille (Ludovica Martino), Furio (Davide Calgaro), Irene (Isabella Ferrari) and Lucius (Luke Ward) to spend a new summer together, this time on Amalfi Coast. Camilla has returned from Canada with her friend Nathalie and finally she can embrace Vincenzo again, always stalked by his anxious mother Irene. It’s with her Luciusbut ex-husband Roberto intervenes between the two (Andrea Occhipintthe). Love is still at the heart of the film.

Ludovica Martino and Lorenzo Zurzolo. (Netflix)

Persuasion. From July 15th

Anne Elliott (Dakota Johnson) is a young maverick with modern sensibilities who lives with her snooty family on the brink of financial collapse. When the captain returns to her life Frederick Wentworth (Cormo Jarvis), Anne’s former flame who must choose whether to put the past behind her or listen to her heart and open up to a new love. The film is the adaptation of the novel by Jane Austen.

The Gray Man. From 22 July

When the CIA’s most capable agent, Court Gentry (Ryan Gosling), whose identity is unknown, accidentally discovers the agency’s sinister secrets, a former psychopathic colleague, Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans), places a bounty on his towering head, triggering a global manhunt involving assassins from all over the world. The Russo brothers, directors of two Avengersthey take action.

A past to erase. From 27 July

Manuela Pipa Pelari is no longer what it used to be. The strict woman who had made her way in the Federal Police Department by breaking the rules and hiding dark secrets has finally decided to change her life.

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Luisana Lopilato as Pipa Pelari. (Netflix)

After letting drug dealer Cornelia Villalba go and quitting, his life falls apart. To help her, her aunt Alicia Pelari the door in the town of La Quebrada, in Northern Argentina, where Pipa isolates himself for ten years. Something about the tragic death of a teenager finds itself exactly where she thought she was running from.


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