Netflix offers for the first weekend of December 2021

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At last, we can, without remorse, indulge in the sinful pleasure of watching romantic comedies about Christmas. For balance, let’s intertwine them with sensational series. Here are the most interesting news and classics that we can watch on Netflix over the weekend.

The romantic comedy “Eternal Single”: A Christmas romance

LGBT + people have gained their due representation in pop culture. Netflix is ​​known for its inclusiveness – during the last month of the Duma, posters of the platform with the inscription “It is impossible to write a full story without LGBTQIA +” appeared in all Polish cities. This time, Netflix has prepared a romantic comedy about the eternal single Peter (Michael Urie), which urges Nick’s best friend (Philemon Chambers) to pretend to be his boyfriend during family holidays. Peter’s mother, however, decides to match him with the handsome James (Luke Macfarlane). An additional advantage: audience favorite Jennifer Coolidge in the role of a sexy aunt.

The series “House of Paper”, the second part of the fifth season: The fight continues

Some viewers are already bored with the Spanish series about a bank robbery, others are looking forward to the finale. Will the professor and his team eventually defeat the system? Over time, more and more shooting and less and less thinking began to appear in the production of Álex Pina, but “Paper House” cannot be denied efficiency – the twists are surprising, the dialogues are amusing, and the characters are charming.

The film “A Boy Called a Christmas”: A child in each of us

How did Nikolas become Santa Claus? The founding story of the Star takes us to the North Pole, where an ordinary boy finds his destiny. The faithful reindeer and the mouse will help him to make his dreams come true – to find elves who will give people magic. A family show like “Home Alone”. The movie starring Maggie Smith, Kristen Wiig and Sally Hawkins in the cast has a chance to become a classic.

Dash & Lily series: Soul mate

Last year’s hit of the platform deserves a repeat. Skeptical Dash (Austin Abrams) meets Lily (Midori Francis), who loves Christmas. Thanks to the secret letters from the girl, the teenager will rediscover the joy of children. A romantic comedy written for episodes with New York in the background will help you survive the big countdown to Christmas.

The movie “Emma”: Jane Austen with a claw

When Anya Taylor-Joy played the teasing lady in Jane Austen’s novels, she wasn’t yet the star of Queen’s Gambit. A year was enough for her to be a discovery of Hollywood, an icon of style, an idol of Netflix viewers. It is all the more worth returning to the film adaptation directed by Autumn de Wilde, which presents the nineteenth-century reality of the English countryside virulently, albeit in shades of sweet pastels.

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The series “In suits”: Meghan as a lawyer

Before becoming a duchess and then abandoning the title, Meghan Markle had a career in Hollywood, or at least starred in one of the most popular law series. Her heroine, Rachel, works in a prestigious law firm, where there is a life and death struggle – for power, position and money. A must for fans of “Succession”.

The film “Love and other drugs”: Cure all evil

Can you make a comedy about a girl with Parkinson’s and Viagra salesmen? This breakneck project was undertaken by director Edward Zwick (“Winds of passion”) in 2010. It’s good that it had a good cast. Had it not been for Anne Hathaway, she would have been made the new queen of romance after the success of “The Devil Wears Prada”, and Jake Gyllenhaal, one of the loveliest lovers of his generation, “Love and Other Drugs” would have suffered from a lack of grace. But we get a pretty compelling love story that will make you believe in love again before Christmas.

The Return Road Movie: Ben Affleck plays himself

For several months now, Ben Affleck has been loud again. Since he returned to Jennifer Lopez to re-create Bennifer, one of the hottest couples of the last 20 years, his career has taken off. The “Return Road” from a year ago, in a way, anticipates the comeback of the former alcoholic, Oscar winner and failed Batman. Jack Cunningham, once a sports star, now a loser, tries to bounce off the bottom as he coaches the high school basketball team. Will the demons of the past allow him to start over?

The Good Doctor series: The younger Dr. House

If I were to make a prequel to “Dr. Housea “, it would probably resemble” The Good Doctor “series. The productions are linked by the name of the screenwriter David Shorea, and of course the hospital microcosm. Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore), an autism spectrum wunderkind, has to deal not only with difficult medical cases at work, but above all with the distrust of his colleagues who treat their younger colleague with disdain.

The series “StartUp”: The color of money

Fans of “Życie na Wave” remember Adam Brodythe ego from the role of Seth Cohen’s safandull neurotic. Gossip Girl fans know that, in real life, Brody married Leighton Meester, the Blair Waldorf series show. He returned to television in a role quite different from the one for which he became famous. His Nick Talman, a desperate banker, allies with hackers, thieves and gang bosses to create the business of his dreams. American dream in a crooked mirror.

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