Netflix Removes Johnny Deep Movies From Its Platform and Provokes the Fury of Users

Netflix has removed all the movies where Johnny Depp appears from its US catalog, so fans of the actor have called for a boycott

Netflix decided to remove this weekend all the films in which Johnny Depp participates from its streaming platform in the version for the United States, something that has caused the fury of the actor’s fans, who have called for a boycott against the company.

Presumably, Netflix’s decision responds to the scandal that Johnny Depp is going through after losing a legal battle against the British tabloid The Sun, which he sued for calling him a ” wife-beater .”

The American actor and producer had filed a defamation lawsuit against the News Group Newspaper company, owner of The Sun after videos and audios were released where he and his ex-wife, Amber Heardargued. However, he lost the legal battle on November 2.

In light of these events, Netflix decides to remove all content where Depp appears from its catalog for the United States, although the streaming platform has not issued any official statement on the subject.

Fans of the protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean” did not take Netflix action well, so they have begun to organize on Twitter to boycott the US company using the hashtag #JusticeForJohnnyDepp (Justice for Johnny Depp). 

Those who support the actor argue that Johnny Depp was also a victim of domestic violence by Amber Heard, so they questioned Netflix for not also eliminating the films in which the actress participates.

The fact that Netflix removed all of the Johnny Depp movies from Netflix USA is truly disgusting, especially considering the mountain of evidence showing that he was abused and not the abuser, “wrote one user in defense of the actor.

For now, the movies where Johnny Depp appears are still available in the Netflix catalog for Latin America and other regions. It is not known whether Netflix will later replicate the same action it did in its US catalog.


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