Netflix wants to fight against account splitting. The company also implements the technology in Poland

Netflix has apparently started another attempt to fight against customers who share access to the giant’s streaming service. In recent days, the company has started implementing the technology tested for the first time a few months ago.

In March, Netflix sent a message to many users for the first time that was intended to encourage potential customers to sign up for their own accounts rather than using access from a family member or friend. In order to get rid of the message, the person concerned had to log in to his e-mail and confirm that he was the owner of the account for the streaming platform.

It’s hard to say if this move produced the right results, but in December, Netflix again tried to persuade viewers to sign up for their accounts.

In recent days, users from many countries have confirmed that they had to verify their identity before watching the next series or movie. In some cases, there were even some surprising news – the company warns against ban or fines.

I can confirm that a close friend also saw a similar message – in this case, he was asked to log in to the e-mail address to confirm that he is the owner of the account. The situation was surprising because he has been using this device for nearly two years, so there is no question of a new user or registration of previously unheard of equipment.

“If you don’t live with the account owner, you need your own to continue watching Netflix. Is this your account? We will send you a verification code “

Viewers from Poland could see such information, but of course, all you need to do is log in to your e-mail, confirm access to your account and you can still watch your favorite programs.

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