Netherlands: Due to COVID-19, the church is canceling all evening masses

There will also be no afternoon services during Christmas. “The Church should not be a source of contamination,” proclaims the bishops’ statement.

“ More patients were hospitalized for COVID-19 last week than at the peak of the first wave of cases, ” said Ernst Kuipers, head of the National Patient Distribution Center (LNAZ), during a debate in the lower house of parliament (Tweede cameras) on Wednesday.

According to Kuipers, the increase in hospital admissions has never been so rapid. – 75 percent infected patients in intensive care units are unvaccinated people, added the head of the LNAZ.

Jaap van Dissel, head of the National Institute of Public Health (RIVM), also met with MPs, saying that the number of reported infections was slowly stabilizing, but still far from optimistic.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor’s office withdrew the application from the court against the couple, who escaped from quarantine on Monday. A Spanish-Portuguese couple were arrested on a plane after they left a hotel where they were about to be isolated. The gendarmes forcibly placed her in a hospital in Groningen in the north of the country.

However, the couple were released from quarantine on Tuesday after testing negative for the coronavirus. After the charges have been dropped, she can now return to Spain, where she lives.


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