Neto includes Gabigol and “excludes” Neymar from the Brazilian team’s attack

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Neymar’s critic, since the ace usually collects controversies outside the field, Neto shot the striker on this Friday’s Os Donos da Bola program (20). Through the discreet season of shirt 10, he mentioned that four athletes, at the moment, are ahead in the dispute for the title of the Brazilian team. Therefore, Gabigol, who seeks to recover the good moment in Flamengo, was placed alongside three other names that work in Europe.

Despite the heavy criticism, Neto pointed out that Neymar can fly to the World Cup. For that to happen, he needs to do intense preparation before the ball rolls in Qatar, as the tournament is a “short shot”.

The former president (Andrés Sanchez) said he will hire Neymar to play for Corinthians. Are you going to hire him at 30 and he’s playing absolutely nothing?! But if he takes care of himself in the next five months, he can win the World Cup for us. The way he is, he doesn’t even deserve to be a starter! Who deserves it is Vinicius Jr, Gabigol, Rodrygo and Richarlison, who played a lot at Everton. Neymar doesn’t deserve it. If he takes care of himself, you win the Cup and tell everyone to shut up, all right! But the way you are, you don’t even deserve to be called up“, he said..

Andrés said that for 12 days he stopped signing Neymar because he went to Barcelona. He didn’t pay the guys salary. He only paid in his wallet, and he owed more than R$6 million”, completed.

Neto’s revolt with Andrés Sanchez was justified by the revelation of the former president of Corinthians. Before Neymar agreed with Barcelona, ​​Timão’s top hat said he was close to hiring the Santos-trained star, but ended up arriving late in the negotiations. Even so, there is optimism that the agreement, in the future, will be implemented.

“One day he will play yet. If we’re around, he plays. (But did he want to play for Corinthians?) I can’t say everything, but he was going to play, but he had already agreed with Barcelona, ​​he had given the floor to Barcelona. I arrived 10 days late. If I arrive 12 days early, he would play for two years at Corinthians. But it was a real proposal, with a letter of guarantee and everything“, Andrés told the “De Lavada” podcast.

The story had previously been told by Neymar’s father. Doubting Andrés Sanchez, the person responsible for the ace’s career preferred not to “pay to see” the willingness of the former president of Corinthians to close a deal.

“Worse than true. I said (to Andrés) ‘you don’t have money’. What the hell, he put a piece of paper and said ‘sign it there to see if I don’t put money’. He’s crazy (laughs). But I got scared, I said ‘for God’s sake, I can’t’. He said ‘stay at Corinthians for a while and then you leave. I fulfill the deal’. And it was going to work out because he was already pulling strings with Barcelona. I said ‘from Santos to Corinthians, the guys kill me. Let it go first, let my son go make a career out there and then we’ll talk. Not straight, no”reported Neymar’s father in a live on Instagram made by journalist Beto Saad.

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