Network conflict, no other pair found

The media scene is abuzz with a heated argument between Booba and Redcar (Christine and the Queens). While the rapper teased her by sharing a video of the latter artist on stage, Redcar was quick to respond, and apparently, despite their common past, a new collaboration between the two has been excluded.

Tensions flared this Friday, August 25, when Booba broadcast a video immortalizing the shirtless singer in full dance on stage, accompanied by the provocative message: “Holidays and rest let me down, I’m lagging behind”. . A hoe that Redcar didn’t appreciate, and he returned the ball to her by tweeting: “Happy holidays booba, I think that’s the job of an influencer, it rubs off on you.”

The situation worsened when one of the internet users expressed a desire Expressing his disappointment, to see a new collaboration between the two artists. But Redcar stuck to his response: “No, it will. I don’t work with disrespectful people to get fame. An obvious statement that shuts down any possibility of another pairing, despite the success of their previous collaboration on “Here.”

The public split thus highlights the differences between the two music giants. Fans who got a taste of their first association might have to reproach themselves for not waiting a second.

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