“Never given a damn about rumors, we want to continue like this! On goals and Turin …”

Napoli football news. Giovanni Di Lorenzocaptain of the Naplesspoke to the microphones of Kiss Kiss Naples during the program Radio Goal.

Many topics covered by By Lorenzo in his interview, from National to the Naples up to the seasonal goals. Here is what is highlighted by CalcioNapoli24.it:

On the national team: “They were two important games, played well that lead us to play the Nations League Final Four in June, an important milestone for us.”

On Raspadori: “Now that he is my teammate, I am even happier. He immediately made himself available and deserves praise, now it will be up to him to continue like this.”

On Naples and the new ones: “There is a good group, there is positive air. Strong players and good guys have arrived, they are giving us a hand and they are progressing well. We must continue like this to have a great season, we will need everyone’s help. Playing every three days will require everyone’s contribution, we have already shown that everyone who plays responds presently. We must continue like this, because everyone will have the opportunity to play. “

On the start of the season: “This year many said that we could not fight for the Champions League, but now many say we are for the Scudetto. We have never given a damn about rumors, we have always thought about working and we take away satisfaction. We haven’t done anything yet, but we got off to a good start with a young and enthusiastic group “.

A team free to dream: “Yes, we are a young group with enthusiasm and there is a positive air in the locker room and in the environment. The results have helped and we must continue like this, there are the conditions for an important season”.

About Kvaratskhelia: “He is showing all his qualities and even in training he keeps us committed to us defenders. Maybe then there will be moments where things will not go very well and there we will all have to stick together to overcome them. Simeone himself, Raspadori, Olivera and the others will are made available immediately “.

On Naples-Turin: “We face a physically strong team, we know Juric’s game. We will have to be good at moving the ball quickly to show our qualities. It is a difficult challenge after the national teams and we will need everyone’s contribution”.

On Spalletti: “For the moment we are doing well despite the many changes in the group. The coach has had an important role, he is a strong coach and talks about his career. We are improving last year’s work and this continuity helps you. focused on this season to improve what we did last year. Is Napoli’s best football in Serie A? I’ll let the others tell you, we haven’t done anything yet. a final “.

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