Never seen before. Damage and fear in Emilia

Tornado devastates Bondeno, in the province of Ferrara. The mayor spreads photos of the destroyed shopping center. “Never seen such a thing here”

The wind caused a lot of damage a little while ago in Bondeno, in the province of Ferrara. I Salici shopping center damaged. To spread the photos of the damage caused by the whirlwind, the mayor of Simone Saletti.

“We are working with the entire rescue machine – he wrote on his Facebook page -. I immediately rushed to the area to see what happened. For now, the worst effects have been found at the gallery in via De Amicis, in via Borgatti and via Pironi. Never seen such a thing in Bondeno “

The firefighters of Bondeno and those of Ferrara rushed to the place to secure the streets and provide assistance to the residents. Information on the areas affected by the wave in bad weather near Ferrara is constantly updated. According to local media reports, the areas of the city center of Bondeno and those of the industrial area were particularly affected by the whirlwind.

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A definitive estimate of the damage caused by bad weather has not yet been made. The videos and photographs released by the mayor and citizens show a Bondeno torn apart by the disaster. The authorities will draw up a certain budget only in the coming days, after having carefully assessed the situation. Fortunately, the whirlwind did not cause any civilians to be injured or killed.

“It hurts to see Bondeno reduced like this – wrote the mayor of Ferrara Alan Fabbri -. I called Saletti and President Bonaccini to offer our availability. The situation is serious but we have an excellent rescue machine”. A crane fell on three terraced houses in Baura. Evacuation operations for residents are still underway. The evacuated families will in fact be relocated for the night with other relatives or in hotels located in safe areas.

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