Never surrender to the tyrannical Grupo Milenio

It is not prudent to promote or participate in Byzantine discussions, but to understand the moment in Mexico and the world and to carry out our responsibilities honestly and courageously. Criticism is necessary but insufficient, what is essential is to contribute to the solution of personal, family and community problems. We all survived or we all drowned. It is clumsy to imagine the success of some people, because there is no real happiness in selfishness, even if it is with material wealth. The true glory lies in the satisfaction of the duty performed.

The ruthless plundering of the fundamental values ​​of our civilization justifies the previous adage. Scientific and technological advances are also used to degrade human life and destroy nature.

As far as Mexico is concerned, it is valid to paraphrase Gumes’ likeable and well-known philosophies: we are like this because we are like this.

Let us destroy the false and fabricated “national history” with which the brain (and soul) of our generations has been poisoned: dividing Mexicans between native and conqueror, victim and criminal, good and bad, patriot and traitor , constitutes a foolish and prodigious crime.

Fortunately, we still have moral reserves that should emerge, especially in youth. We must inculcate a sense of respect, authentic solidarity and respect for the law, which is understood as an awareness of our dignity.

Citizens (mainly young people) must come forward to raise their voices and stop the destruction of Mexico.

Given the all-round plundering of our laws and institutions (among them the electoral ones, which were built during the past 30 years to guarantee free and dignified voting) no one should refuse to defend democratic constitutionalism, here Even less so young people, who are (as Efraín González Luna would say) “at dawn, at the time of destiny and in the middle of the wind”.

Three decades ago there was no electoral institute, no voter card with photography, no electoral tribunal, no existing law.

The elections were conducted by the government through the Federal Electoral Commission headed by the Secretary of the Interior and qualified by the Electoral College with both PRIs having a majority. Fidel Velázquez, the old leader of the CTM, challenged: “With weapons we come to power and only with them will they depose us.”

The Diario de Debates of the Chamber of Deputies recorded my claim in 1993: “Gentlemen of the government: they have not done everything wrong, they have dug the grave of the Electoral College.” So this was the matter.

Today, Tartuffe, disfigured and old, seeks to recreate that infamy.

Youth of Mexico: Defend the democratic rule of law with your strength and generosity. Never surrender to the tyrant.

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