“Never take away the welcome from violent migrants”: the crazy EU ruling

Once again, Europe stands out against Italy and obliges the country to keep, even economically, migrants who have been responsible for “crimes and violent actsthe“. This is what the European Court of Justice, based in Luxembourg, established following a dispute opened by a Senegalese immigrant, who was expelled from reception plan with a provision of the prefecture of Florence. The prefect acted following a violent assault perpetrated by the man against a railway attendant, who was preventing him from boarding the vehicle because he did not have a ticket.

The newspaper Il Tirreno, which first reported the news, explains that in parallel to the complaint and the criminal proceedings, which still remain open against the Senegalese, the same immigrant challenged the act of the prefecture at the TAR of Tuscany, which gave him reason. But at that point, in the face of an obviously unjust sentence, it was theState Attorney, who turned to the Council of State. The latter, in order to make a decision, had to ask for an opinion from the Justice Court of the European Union, which last August 1 expressed itself establishing that revoking the plan – which involves the provision of food, accommodation, subsidies for daily expenses and clothing – to a migrant, even if he was the author of violent acts and serious, constitutes in any case an injury to his dignity.

The Court of Justice has ruled that the revocation of the reception “always constitutes one disproportionate penaltybecause it is detrimental to human dignity“. The decision of the European judges is based on the migrant directive number 33 of 2013 for which”EU Member States ensure access to healthcare in all circumstances and ensure a decent standard of living for all applicants“. In its decision, therefore, the Court of Justice declares that the Italian law, with the 2015 Reception decree,”is in contrast with European legislation because among the sanctions for violent migrants it includes, in fact, the possibility of revoking the material reception conditions“. The migrant who is affected, therefore, without accommodation, food, clothes and subsidies depriving him of a”decent standard of living“. Therefore, according to the European Court of Justice, Italy will have to continue to take charge also of the subjects who are an evident danger to public safety. Besides the damage, insult to our country or, to put it in another way, Italians always play the role of “cuckolded and beaten”. Not only, according to Europe, the ports of our country must remain open but with their taxes, citizens must also pay the migrants arriving in our country and they commit crimes, because otherwise their dignity is violated.And who thinks of the dignity of the Italians?

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