New air campaign in northern Syria: 15 targets destroyed – last minute Turkish news

The Ministry of National Defense announced that air operations were conducted against PKK/YPG militants’ positions in the Euphrates Shield, Olive Branch and Peace Spring areas in northern Syria and 58 militants were killed.

In the statement given by the ministry, it was said that last night at 22 o’clock air action was taken against terrorist targets in northern Syria.

15 targets destroyed

15 hideouts, including so-called headquarters, shelters and warehouses, where terrorists were believed to be responsible, were destroyed through air operations.

The statement emphasized that a number of terrorists were killed in the operation using the maximum amount of domestic and national ammunition and made the following statement:

“The Turkish Armed Forces originating from our great nation, like in the past, will continue to fight against terrorism with determination and determination for the survival and security of our country and nation, until not a single terrorist is left. This operation During the operation, innocent civilians, friendly elements, historical and cultural properties, and the environment will not be harmed.” ”Every precaution has been taken to prevent it from being visible.”

58 terrorists were killed

It was told that the hideouts of the terrorists were attacked vigorously with fire support vehicles throughout the night.

“The number of terrorists killed in the operation carried out last night by our heroic Turkish Armed Forces with fire support vehicles in the north of Syria, as part of self-defense, has increased to 58,” the Ministry of National Defense said in a statement. ,

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