New album inspired by Halloween: Duran Duran covers Billie Eilish and the Stones

Inspired by Halloween, Duran Duran will release a new album this fall featuring covers of Billie Eilish and the Rolling Stones.

Dance of Deaththe title of the 16e album of the British, which is also that of the first extract put online on Wednesday and one of the three original pieces on the menu, announces the nightmarish theme of this project born following a Halloween concert of the group, the 31 October 2022, in Las Vegas.

From the young Californian pop sensation, Duran Duran chose Bury a Friend. Always in the same tone, the quartet also tackles Paint It, Blackfrom the Rolling Stones, to psycho killerfrom Talking Heads, to ghosttownSpecials, and Super Lonely Freakby Rick James, among others.

In short, all that is missing from the program is a rereading of Thriller, by Michael Jackson.

In total, there will be 13 songs, so ten covers.

In a press release, singer Simon Le Bon declared that this album is “a crazy Halloween party”.

Former Duran Duran Andy Taylor collaborated in the creation of Dance of Deathas are Nile Rodgers and Victoria De Angelis, of the Maneskin group.

The album will be released on October 27, four days before Halloween and two years after the album Future Past.

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