New baby for Patrice Evra, back to school at Nabilla … the slide of people with the family

Like every Friday, we hear from our favorite people. And at the end of August, it smells like the end of summer. Already time to put on “a little wool” and to slowly resume the rhythm of school as the start of the new school year approaches… Moreover, in Dubai, the city where three quarters of French influencers live, it’s already back to school time Also the children of Nabilla, Jessica Thivenin or Julia Paredes have found the school benches with their brand new Paw Patrol satchel and their beautiful school uniform.

A birth and a miscarriage

But it’s not just school in life, there are babies too! So we hope this week the arrival into the world of the fourth child of former French footballer Patrice Evra who posted for the occasion a photo full of humor that will certainly speak to many young parents (and to all those who love it). ‘have been). On the other hand, it’s time for less good news for Céline Saffré, from Large Families: life in XXLwho announced this week that she suffered a miscarriage while pregnant with her tenth child.

Also take news of Matt Pokora, Chrissy Teigen, Ilona Smet or Kim Kardashian in our slideshow people of the week.

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