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A clip from the highly anticipated new chapter of Knives Out has been published on the official Netflix channels. It is the mystery murder starring Daniel Craig, in the role of detective Benoit Blanc. The debut in cinemas is scheduled in Italy for November 23rd: it will remain in theaters until the 29th, to then land on Netflix from December 23rd (also visible on Sky Q and via the app on the Now Smart Stick)

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A new official clip is out Glass Onion – Knives Outthe highly anticipated second chapter of what is becoming a truly succulent saga in mystery sauce.
The brand new short taste taken from the upcoming sequel of Knives Out. It’s about the mystery murder Starring Daniel Craig as Detective Benoit Blanc.

The cinematic debut of Glass Onion – Knives Out is scheduled in Italy for November 23: it will remain in theaters until the 29, to then land on Netflix from December 23 (also visible on Sky Q and via the app on the Now Smart Stick).

In the new clip from Glass Onion – Knives Out, Detective Benoit Blanc is invited to a very special party: it is the party organized by millionaire Miles Bron. He is the landlord, the one who acts as host but also as… referee of the game! In the new video, in fact, we see the very rich Bron explain the rules of mystery murder game which he organised. However, the game he planned won’t go quite as planned… Or maybe it will? Who knows… No spoilers and no predictions or risky interpretations. Since the only goal now is to fully enjoy this new delicacy, which turns out to be very tasty for the greedy palates of thrillers à la Agatha Christie. Or à la Signora in giallo, too. And we are not referring to randomly Murder, she wrotebecause in this film there is the very last cameo of the late Angela Lansbury, the legendary actress protagonist of the legendary series Murder She Wrote (in Italy translated with the title of Murder, she wrotein fact) recently disappeared.
Glass Onion – Knives Out presents itself as a direct sequel to the previous chapter, and once again proves to be an Agatha Christie-style deductive yellow. Just as the great English mystery writer used to prefer, here too the scheme foresees an eccentric and very intelligent investigator, even brilliant and in any case always very inspired. We find him grappling with a case as unexpected as it is singular, just like Agatha Christie loved to offer to her audience.

You can watch the new clip of Glass Onion – Knives Out in the video that you find above, at the head of this article.

The plot of Glass Onion – Knives Out


Glass Onion-Knives Out: new Italian teaser trailer of yellow

After the first movie, Murder by Death – Knives Out, here is a new investigation involving Detective Benoit Blanc (played by Daniel Craig). The detective is in Greece, grappling with a puzzle: a very complicated mystery, to which are added completely extravagant suspects. More bizarre than him, it is all said…
The technology tycoon Miles Bron, played by an amazing Edward Norton, has invited friends and relatives to his private island, a wonderful atoll that seems to be a real paradise on earth. Instead, it will turn out to be hell: a corpse appears, so Benoit Blanc will have to roll up his sleeves to find out who has blood on his sleeves (and hands)…

The cast


Angela Lansbury, the last time on the set: the cameo in the film Glass Onion

The film is directed like the previous one by Rian Johnson. In the cast there are exceptional stars: Janelle Monáe, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., Jessica Henwick, Madelyn Cline, Kate Hudson and Dave Bautista are some of the stars who acted together on the set of the film.
And, as we have already mentioned, there will be illustrious cameos such as that of Angela Lansbury.
The previous movie, Murder by Death – Knives Outalso boasted illustrious presences to say the least: a choral cast of heterogeneous characters which included, in that case, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette, Don Johnson, Michael Shannon, Lakeith Stanfield, Katherine Langford, Jaeden Martell and Christopher Plummer.

You can watch the new clip of Glass Onion – Knives Out in the video that you find above, at the head of this article.

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