New couple? João Gomes declares himself to Maisa Silva: “I need dengo”

For the second time, João Gomes declared himself to presenter Maisa Silva. The singer recorded an unusual video wearing a shirt with the actress’ face on it.

“I was waiting for the shirt to arrive to record the video. Mission given, mission accomplished”, wrote João Gomes in the caption of the publication. “For her, Maisa. For the hearts in love”, said the singer.

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In the video, João Gomes appears in a black t-shirt with Maisa’s face when she was still a child stamped on it. In the background, the singer put the song Dengo, recently released. “I Love! One of the biggest. Hit of millions”, commented the presenter in the publication.

It is worth remembering that João Gomes had already declared himself to Maisa in March of this year. The singer revealed that he was in love with the actress at the time she presented Bom Dia & Cia, from SBT.

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The singer himself published a message he sent to Maisa in 2017. “I know it’s past time to tell you, but I’ve been into you since the days of Bom Dia. Kiss, love you,” he wrote.

New couple?  João Gomes declares himself to Maisa Silva (Reproduction)
New couple? João Gomes declares himself to Maisa Silva (Reproduction)

At 20, Maisa opens up the game and recalls bullying: “They only called me when there was a party”

Maisa Silva gave an interview to the podcast Podpah, during the chat the 20-year-old actress opened up about her personal life and said that she was bullied when she was younger. Although at a young age, the young woman has a career spanning 17 years and has revealed how she has been dealing with fame throughout her life.

“I really liked Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus’ Disney series) when I was little, right? And I compared my life a lot to hers.” Maisa began, who concluded by saying: “Because when I was in school I had a life…”

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