New Dacia Duster Pick-up 2023: restyling for you too?

Just retouched, the Dacia Duster of the second generation is preparing to live its last part of its career waiting for the new model that could be on sale at the beginning of 2024. The car is still enjoying enormous success, despite being a product not entirely in step with the competition on a technological level. The unbeatable list price, combined with enormous space features, makes this SUV still current and extremely affordable.

The B side of the pick-up version of the Dacia Duster

This is what the revised version of the dacha could look like Duster pickup. This car could debut by the end of the current year as a 2023 model. The images used in the article are renderings taken from Youtube channel Mahboub 1. These are unofficial images. We insert below the link to the article:

Aesthetically the car would feature the latest generation grille with the revised logo. The lighting would be that of the restyled Duster which made its debut in autumn 2021. The length could slightly exceed 460 cm with practically unchanged cockpit and with a sort of rear tail transformed into a caisson. The rear doors would allow convenient access to the rear seats. On board 5 comfortable seats and fittings in line with the versions Essential, Comfort and Expression.

Excellent load capacity with the possibility of storing over a ton of material in the rear. In terms of engines, the Dacia Duster pick-up could have the 1.3 turbo with 150 HP front-wheel drive petrol and the 1.5 125 HP diesel with all-wheel drive. The pick-up variant could prove to be a comfortable and trusted workmate, to be purchased at moderate prices, without particular pretensions, but with excellent value for money. Will we really see this car? We await certain news from the Romanian manufacturer belonging to the Renault group. Follow us for further updates.

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