New data from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy on unemployment

The registered unemployment rate in November fell again to 5.4%, the Ministry of Family and Social Policy reported. This means that the employment situation has improved slightly. Poland remains at the forefront of the European Union.

Registered unemployment 5.4%

“At the end of November, the registered unemployment rate was 5.4 percent. – estimates the Ministry of Family and Social Policy. In the registers of labor offices, there were just over 900,000. people, by over 125 thousand less than last year. The situation on the labor market is better than before the outbreak of the pandemic, ‘the release said.

According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, at the end of November 2021, 900.1 thousand jobs were registered in employment offices. unemployed. This is about 10.8 thousand. people less than in October. This means a decrease of 1.2 percent. Although the pace of decline was twice as low as a month earlier, as indicated, usually in the previous years, the unemployment level increased in November (by 1.4% in November 2018, by 1% in 2019, and by 1% in November 2020). 0.7 percent).

The Central Statistical Office (GUS) previously reported that the unemployment rate registered at the end of October this year was amounted to 5.5%, i.e. decreased by 0.1 percentage point. against September this year. In October 2020, the rate reached 6.1 percent

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