New episode of The Kardashians shows the moment Kim Kardashian passed a law test

Kim Kardashian was having dinner when she found out she passed the exam to be a lawyer

This Thursday, 19, a new episode of the reality show The Kardashians was released. In him, Kim Kardashian (41) received the news that she had passed a test to be a lawyer.

The results of the law test came out when the model was in a restaurant. Upon hearing the news, Kim was wary of the car. “I go to the car because if I get upset no one will face me“, revealed the influencer.

Kim also said that this was her last chance to pass the test. “You are allowed to take the exam a certain number of times. This is the last time I can take the test, so if I don’t pass, this journey in law is over for me.“, explained the owner of the SKIMS brand.

However, upon learning that he passed the test for the fourth and final time, the mother of North (8) rejoiced: “I passed! This is real? I’m so happy. Like, I really thought I wasn’t going to make it“.

Kim’s approval came in December of last year, which is when the events of The Kardashians are being situated, but the reaction of the ex-wife of Kanye West (44) was first seen on the reality show.

In 2021, the daughter of Kris Jenner (66) shared the achievement on her Instagram. “Looking in the mirror, I’m so proud of the woman looking back in the reflection,” reflected Kim.

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