new extension of the aid decree bis

By now we know it well, the problem of the price of gasoline in Italy has been alive for months. In fact, since the beginning of this 2022, the cost of fuel has skyrocketed and the Government has had to move to be able to contain the situation in some way, helping Italian families, seriously tested by the rises.

Today comes the news that motorists were hoping for: resources for 900 million euros have been made available to succeed extend the cut in excise duties for another month on gasoline and therefore discount fuel prices by about 30 cents per liter. Without this measure, the situation would be dramatic for the pockets of Italians.

Decree aid bis and fuel discounts

The new extension is foreseen in the text of the bis aid decree, thanks to what emerged during the meeting with the trade unions at the Mef. The current measure expires on 21 August, the extension therefore should extend it for another month, until 20 September. Another 30 days of reduction in the cost of gasoline.

Thanks to some trade union sources we now know that the aid decree bis has yet to be approved by the next Council of Ministers, and also contains other measures, including for example the 2% advance of the revaluation of pensions for the period October-December, the 1% deduction for the second semester for income up to € 35,000, and early recognition of the 0.2% adjustment for 2022.

That’s not all, it seems that thanks to the new decree, transport and psychologist bonuses will be able to be financed again, or at least, as is currently foreseen in a draft of the provision, which is still subject to change.

Gasoline prices today

As every day, we receive updates on fuel prices in Italy from Staffetta Quotidiana, which makes the surveys. Today 4th August 2022 the barrel falls below $ 100, driven by the decrease in demand for gasoline and the increase in crude oil inventories in the United States. The international price of petrol is falling, while we see that of diesel rising.

The national average prices at the petrol pump they go down again, maintaining the trend we saw a few hours ago, so self-service under 1.85 euros / liter and self-service diesel at 1.83 euros / liter (especially for white pumps). On the other hand, we are still talking about strong increases in the prices of auto methane (over 2.4 euros / kg). On the other hand, the recommended price lists of the major brands remain unchanged compared to yesterday.

Let’s see the averages of the prices communicated by the managers to the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development and processed by the Staffetta Quotidiana, detected at 8 am yesterday morning (3 August) on approximately 15,000 systems:

  • self-service petrol at 1,849 euros / liter;
  • self-service diesel at 1,830 euros / liter;
  • petrol in served mode at 1,998 euros / liter;
  • diesel in served mode at 1,981 euros / liter;
  • LPG served at € 0.812 / liter;
  • methane served at 2,436 euros / kg;
  • LNG 2,576 euros / kg.

As for instead the prices charged on Italian motorwayswe can say the following:

  • self-service petrol 1,967 euros / liter;
  • petrol served mode 2,211 / liter;
  • self-service diesel fuel 1.951 euros / liter;
  • served mode diesel 2,199 / liter;
  • LPG 0.920 euros / liter;
  • methane 2,268 euros / kg;
  • LNG 2,537 euros / kg.

Fuel prices are therefore falling, but for another month – as we have seen – the cut in excise duties will be active. We will see what happens after September 20.

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