New facts about the massacre in the USA! The perpetrator was known to the police

A man from Milwaukee, according to the newspaper on three occasions in less than two years he had been charged with compromising the safety of others and domestic violence.

In the last case, on November 5, he was supposed to run over his partner in a car in the parking lot of a gas station. The woman was injured and hospitalized, and Brooks was arrested. He left it last Friday after paying a deposit of 1 thousand. dollars. It happened despite the fact that two other proceedings are pending against him, concerning endangering the safety of others with the use of dangerous weapons. Police chief Dan Thompson stated that the killings were not an act of terrorism.

Who is the perpetrator of the massacre?

Of the 48 victims, Thompson said at a press conference, two are children who are critically ill. Fatalities include four women aged 52-79 and an 81-year-old man.

Police said the suspect is 39-year-old Darrell E. Brooks, who has been charged with 5 counts of intentional homicide. According to Thompson, Brooks acted alone and was not guided by any ideology. He added that just before the crime was committed, Brooks had left the area where the domestic row was reported.

However, I want to clear up a few rumors that have emerged. There was no pursuit of a suspect. It wasn’t an act of terrorism
– added.

According to the entertainment portal TMZ, Brooks was a local rapper who performed under the pseudonym Mathboi Fly.

According to the media, including Washington Post, according to preliminary police findings, the man fled on Sunday from where a knife fight was reported.

“Investigators have so far found nothing to tie (…) him to any kind of terrorism or ideology. A police representative said that so far it appeared that his main goal was to escape from the police in relation to the previous incident. “
the newspaper wrote.

Videos of the Sunday event show the red Ford Escape breaking through police barriers at high speed and entering the city’s Christmas parade, hitting many people but avoiding some of them.

According to local authorities, at least 5 people were killed and more than 40 were injured. The victims were children, including girls from the local dance company.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that 18 children between the ages of 3 and 16 remain in the hospital, 10 of whom are in intensive care. 6 of them are in critical condition and 3 in serious condition.

Source:, PAP

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