New Fiat 600 2022-2023, a very special, new and interesting city car

With the exception of the new generation 100% electric 500 launched in 2020, the current Fiat range is nearing the end of its cycle, but the next novelty on the agenda could be the return of the Fiat 600 2022-2023.

It must be said that the merger of the FCA and PSA groups to give life to Stellantis, at the beginning of 2021, required a revision of the company’s projects. Hence the official confirmation of the renewal of the 500, but also many other innovations and two of these will be presented in 2023. Let’s learn more:

What will the new Fiat 600 2022-2023 look like

Fiat will launch next year a small crossover destined for the B segment and whose length should be around 4.10 m. This vehicle, which will be based on the short version of the CMP modular platform of the PSA catalog, will have points in common with the DS 3 Crossback and the Opel Mokka, but also the brand new Jeep Avenger. Like the latter, it could only be launched in a 100% electric version.

The future vehicle will also inherit the new eMotors engine, the power of which is expected to be 136 hp. Its architecture can however receive a heat engine to leave the door open to such variants depending on commercial and market results. But he will remember that Fiat will be among the first brands of the Stellantis group to abandon internal combustion enginesits transition to zero emissions will be completed in 2027. This small electric crossover could be called the Fiat 600.

Fiat 600 2022-2023 opinions between city car and crossover

The crossover Fiat 600 will take the name of an iconic model in the history of the Italian brand. In the Fiat range of the time, the 600 offered a more spacious alternative to the 500, and the two models clearly bore an aesthetic similarity. This is precisely Fiat’s strategy for its new generation of vehicles. The next 600 will therefore be more like an enlarged, five-door and raised 500 than a completely different model. A way for the manufacturer to navigate the popularity of its city car.

This was already the case with the 500X, which the 600 will not replace. The 500X successor is slated for 2024 and is expected to grow slightly, showing around 4.40m in length against 4.27m today. At the same time it will take over from Tipo and will be produced at the Tofas plant in Turkey, which recently lost the Doblo assembly. This model will technically make common cause with the Citroen C4.

Fiat initially intended to decline it into one seven-seater variantbut the development of the latter was abandoned in the autumn of 2021. Another cancellation is the replacement of the Panda with a model directly derived from the Centoventi concept.

The renewal of the city car affordable is well planned, but in another form and for 2025. It should also be noted that production will be transferred from Pomigliano (Italy) to Kragujevac (Serbia). The city car will be developed on the basis of the new Citroen C3 (CC21), which is expected to arrive in 2024.

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