New footage from the detention of photojournalists. “Si, f *** a, won’t be photographed! How many, f *** a, times can you?”

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On Wednesday, Press Club Polska informed about the attack on journalists in the town of Wiejki near Michałów in Podlasie. The incident was supposed to take place on Tuesday at around 4 p.m. TVN24 published further fragments of the soldiers’ interventions against photojournalists:

Photojournalist: So we’re not stopped?

Soldier: You just have to wait.

Photojournalist: Well, because if you stop us, we have to ask who is stopping us and for what reason.

Soldier: No, no, no. Does not stop.

Photojournalist: Thank you then.

As journalists emphasize, they were supposed to be arrested a moment later. – They told us to separate. About three meters from each other and they told us to keep our hands above our heads. Look between your own feet – said Maciej Nabrdalik, a photojournalist for “The New York Times” in an interview with TVN24.

– Hold those paws up high. F *** i won’t want to be photographed! How many f *** a times can you? one of the soldiers said. The journalists were then searched and their hands tied behind the back of the arm with self-tightening ties. It was then that the military was to start viewing the photos taken and the contents of mobile phones.

Soldier: There is an army in the photos?

Soldier: There is an army. The army, the police, the Border Guard.

Soldier: Seeing it all for me.

Soldier: Do you have gloves?

Soldier: Our prints are left everywhere.

Soldier: Yes, we left our prints, but they are probably incomplete.

Soldier: F *** a, mine full.

Soldier: There are messages on the phone. Peter. Did you rub these phones?

The recording also shows that the military discussed whether the journalists were in the state of emergency. – Unfortunately for us, we are not in the zone of this state of emergency – says the soldier. Then you can hear: “If they were from the border, they were in the zone for the bank, weren’t they? In the photos”. – They all have youanother states.

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Minister Mariusz Błaszczak on the border with Belarus in KopczanyBłaszczak on the detention of photojournalists by soldiers: They got an award

The head of the Ministry of National Defense: I praised their behavior

Mariusz Błaszczak referred to the event on RMF FM. – Just imagine – we have a hybrid attack, Poland has been attacked. Three masked, hooded people sneak into the camp, but this is a military camp. There are soldiers who are resting after the watch they performed at the border – he said in the broadcast. – It is the duty of those on guard to ensure safety. It is their duty to be firm. They cannot be open to the fact that the three guys who are in disguise are sneaking into the camp. They are to react firmly and they have reacted firmly – he added.

The head of the Ministry of National Defense informed that the soldiers were appreciated for their attitude. “These soldiers received an award from me in the sense that I commended them for their behavior,” he said. The minister was asked by the interviewer, Krzysztof Ziemiec, whether these soldiers deserved “words of some condemnation” for the way they spoke to photojournalists. – Nobel laureate Olga Tokarczuk in one of her entries wrote that these words with “w”, such vulgar words, after all, they express best, in the opinion of the Nobel laureate, the situation we are dealing with – replied Błaszczak.

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