New games for PS5 and PS4. Sony is promoting this week’s premieres

At the end of November, a few noteworthy titles are debuting on Japanese consoles. The PlayStation Access editors have developed material focusing on upcoming titles – let’s check which productions have been featured.

Sony can not boast of an overly intense end of the year, full of exclusive games, but there is no doubt that PS5 and PS4 users systematically have a chance to try out proposals from external teams. We should also remember that there is still a promotion on the PS Store on the occasion of Black Friday, which gives an opportunity to catch up on older offers.

Speaking of the new week, let’s not forget the latest video from the British PlayStation division. In the near future, the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 will debut, among others, Farming Simulator 22 (read our review) and the excellent Death’s Door – the story of a crow collecting the souls of the dead has been extremely warmly received by Xbox and PC users, while now the PlayStation community has the opportunity to check the climate adventures.

Another highlighted position is Drizzlepath: Deja Vu, in which we play the role of a nameless man. The protagonist, setting off on a journey to the mountains, looks for answers to many existential questions. The main features of Eastasiasoft Limited’s title are its abstract plot and detailed environment filled with ominous landscapes.

What are you planning to play this week?

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