New Home Bonus, 100% covered boiler expense with these 2 requirements. Expires end of 2023


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Saving Bonus Money

New active and requestable home bonus: on the replacement of the old system you can save 100% of the costs incurred, but only by respecting these 2 requirements. Here are the latest news on the new Bonus.

New Home Bonus active and available for request: on the replacement of the old system you will be able to save 100% of the expenses incurred, but only by respecting these 2 requirements. Here are the latest news on the new Bonus.

The summer season is now over, temperatures are dropping is there‘boiler replacement issue is becoming more and more debated. Many times replacement is postponed due to expenses too high.

In recent years there have been numerous bonuses that have had as their object the replacement of old systems such as fireplaces, stoves and boilers that are now too obsolete, with the aiming to increase energy efficiency and improving air quality.

In addition to the numerous state incentives and the very famous Thermal account a new home bonus which allows you to replace the old boiler without paying a euro.

Without wasting time, let’s see how does it work the new facilitation e What are the requirements to be respected in order to be able to access it until the end of 2023.

New Home Bonus, 100% covered boiler expense with these 2 requirements. Expires end of 2023

Before seeing what are the 2 necessary requirements to be able to access the new Home Bonus, obtaining coverage of the expenses of 100% for replacing the boiler, you have to understand what the contribution consists of.

The incentive was wanted by the Emilia Romagna Region to enhance energy efficiency of the houses present in the regional territory. This theme is combined with that of the crisis linked to the expensive bill and the dizzying increase in the costs of gas and electricity raw materials.

Available to Emilian citizens, the Regional Council has allocated approximately 3 million euros for 2022 and almost 5 million for 2023. The funds made available are to be allocated exclusively to replacement of old heating systems such as open fireplaces, wood / pellet stove, wood / pellet boiler of power less than or equal to 35 kW and with emissions up to 4 stars with systems a 5 stars or heat pumps.

In any case, the new Home Bonus is added to the contribution of the Thermal Account issued by Gse, covering 100% of the eligible expenses. But the cumulative percentage between the 2 concessions cannot in any case exceed that of 100% of the expenses incurred.

The call expiring at the end of 2023 is aimed at citizens, owners of a property, residing in the flat municipalities of Emilia Romagna who have already been beneficiaries of the Thermal Account subsidy. In particular, the call aims to improve the energy of municipalities located in the agglomeration of Bologna, western plain and eastern plain.

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New Home Bonus, which costs for replacing the boiler are covered at 100%

The new home bonus granted by the Emilia Romagna region for the replacement of old heating systems it can be requested by 2 pm on 31 December 2023 by those who reside in the lowland municipalities of the region they intend replace the old system with a new biomass with a power of less than or equal to 35kWt of at least 5-star class and with heat pumps.

The expenses covered by the new Home Bonus, therefore, concern the scrapping of an old system of woody biomass heat and the installation of a new 5 Star Class heat generator. In particular, expenses for systems with a power of less than 35 are allowed kW, that is, they are open or insert fireplace systems, wood / pellet stove and wood / pellet boiler with 5-star class.

In addition to these expenses, the new Home Bonus also covers all services connected with total dismantling and disposal or partial of the existing plant, supply and installation of all necessary equipment, interventions on the network and all professional services deemed appropriate to carry out the intervention.

It should be emphasized that expenses for setting up a new heating system are not allowed.

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How and when to apply for the new Home Bonus

The new home bonus of the Emilia Romagna Region for 100% coverage of the expense incurred for the replacement of the boiler may be requested via the online platform made available by the Region itself, in the environment section “submitting the application”, until December 31, 2023.

In order to access the platform it is necessary to use the SPID credentials or with the credentials of the Electronic identity card. All those who apply are required to pay thestamp duty of € 16.00 to be paid at the same time as the request.

Applications sent differently from the online platform will not be accepted. The Region will check the requirements and the validity of the documents sent to access the new Home Bonus. The benefit will be credited directly to the current account of the applicant who is eligible.

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