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The reason for the limitao to allow an island to the console.

Review bombing has been one of the tcticas are most commonly used by consumers to show their displeasure with something. A vtima latest in this tctica in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Even though the game has been received a aclamao pretty universalthere is a limitao, which is irritating to the consumer that you want to share your copy with other family members living in the same household.

“True, j, there are currently 167 reviews negative from users (almost as many as the positive ones). The gremio of the user rafilks182 provides a good account of the frustrao of the consumer to the limitao, which is imposed by Nintendo.

They have done the marketing for this game, as the experience of the social, game, share it with your friends and family, but there is a but: you’ll need a Nintendo to Switch the player to get the experience in full,“she wrote you.

I bought this game, so sharing it with my girlfriend at the time, but the first player is considered to be the founder of the island, and he’s going to progress the story, you unlock things and do all of those things are awesome. The second profile of the series Switch has to be just a aldeo, but with very little impact on the game, and you can’t progress without the progress of its founder.

The game has been ruined by the ganncia, do you want to have as the experience the full? Buy two copies of the game, and two of Nintendo’s Router. Yes, this is what Nintendo needed to play the game, if you want to be a social.

The limitao to allow the island in Animal Crossing per Nintendo to the Switch, and for each and every copy of the game j-it was announced before the lanamento. The idea of the series to put the people to co-operate on the same island, however, as players, we all like to have the file gravao, and to be able to try out the game for the interferncia to the other.

The other gremio, is written by the user, juvell, praises the game, but notes that it can take full advantage of the game in the role of the second player.

The single-player, it seems to fantstico, however, as the second player on this console, this game is a desperdcio of time and energy. At the co-op has been fixed, I can’t imagine enjoying this game. Essentially, I’m just an NPC.

Being that Nintendo is going to listen to these crticas, and the change in the limitao than just an island for the console and for the scar?

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