New Humble Choice offer – all games for $ 12

Get ready changes in subscription Humble Choice. It will be simplified, only one subscription option will be offered (instead of the previous few), for which we will pay $ 11.99, which is about 48 zlotys. For this amount, we will get access to all games offered in a given month, instead of choosing some of them. However, the number of productions in individual, monthly sets will not be constant. The subscription will also provide discounts in the Humble Store, the higher the cost of the subscription without interruptions (up to a maximum of 20%).

The changes will come into force from February this year. Subscribers will also have access to an ever-growing library of games called Humble Games Collection. It will launch with the following new titles:

Access to games from the Humble Games Collection will only be possible through the new Humble client and only with an active subscription. Without a paid subscription, we will not play these productions, unlike the Humble Choice position, where we get permanent games.

It is worth adding that so far subscribers could use the collection of games as part of the so-called Humble Trove. You could download these productions to your hard drive and keep playing even after your subscription was canceled. The games in this library, which will be renamed the Humble Vault, will be downloaded through the client. They will not contain DRM protection, so it will be possible to continue the fun even without a subscription.


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