New landslide on the Marmolada: a mass detaches from Cima Uomo. Excluding the presence of hikers

A landslide with a volume between 100 and 200 cubic meters broke off at Cima dell’Uomoin the group of Marmolada on the side facing the Val di Fassa, in Trentino. From an aerial survey of the Civil Protection with the experts of the geological service to check the conditions of the wall and the possible presence of people, it emerged that there are no hikers involved. The roar was heard throughout the area and the cloud of dust and debris has risen for several meters, clearly visible even downstream. A large landslide collapsed downstream from Cima dell’Uomo in the Marmolada Group on the side facing the Val di Fassa.

The situation, reports Ansa, is not particularly problematic from a geological point of view, although other collapses are possible in the coming days. The cause is difficult to establish, considering there have been no recent fluctuations in temperatures. Even the range above 2,800 meters, normally the one in which the rocks are subject to severe temperature variations, is however affected by the summer heat of the last few weeks.

The Cima dell’Uomo is the highest peak in the southern area of ​​the Marmolada group. In the past there was also a via ferrata which went up the north-west slope from the Forcella dell’Uomo and which was dismantled because it was too dangerous for the friable rock and the falling stones.

Last July, five French mountaineers were recovered right on the Marmolada by the Alpine Rescue of the Alta Fassa station, after being stranded on the glacier. An Alpine Rescue team in the area, transferred to altitude by helicopter, recovered the mountaineers, who were unaware of the order to close the entire glacier area. The mayor of Canazei, Giovanni Bernard, in fact, the July 26 last has signed an urgent ordinance in which the area in which access is prohibited on the Marmolada is extended, also including the Fedaia bank which is located in correspondence with the serac that collapsed last July 3 which caused the deaths of 10 people and 7 injured.

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