New life for Guendalina Tavassi, Paolo Pazzaglia who organizes his own funeral, great concern for Cara Delevingne and… all gossip with Roberto Alessi!


Attilio Romita: Lunge to GfVip against the Royal family to think that he had called the Vespa “Bruna”

The former presenter of Tg1, who left his Bari to enter the GfVip house, ended up in the center of the news for a more than unfortunate sentence to the point that the direction of the reality show changed the frame: speaking of Queen Elizabeth he said: “How can you have respect, esteem and devotion for a royal family in which there are rapists, organizers of orgies?”. Sure, Prince Andrew and his story of sex and underage escorts is a scandal, but what do the others have to do with it? There are many who have a black sheep in the house. A gaffe? Over the years Romita, like all of us, has made more than one gaffe: it was epic to call Bruno Vespa “Bruna” on tg1, while introducing a report on Minister Fornero, guest of Porta a Porta.


Miuccia Prada: Unpleasant, perhaps, certainly generous

Miuccia Prada is not a monster of sympathy, neither she nor her husband Patrizio Bertelli, who has made Prada a colossus of style in the world, but hats off. Thanks to their generosity, around 2,300 employees of the seven factories in Arezzo, five of whom in Valdarno, the productive heart of a group of 13,000 people, will receive (they have already started in July) the first tranche of an extra salary of 1,300 euros per employee, with the explicit justification of a contribution against the exponential increase in the cost of living. Not bad. Not only that, with the unions they are also studying how to pay the bills directly, using another (untaxed) extra to which employees are entitled. Applause!


Cara Delevingne: “Save the supermodel from herself and her friends”

The top loved by Karl Lagerfeld is making friends worry: it was taken up staggering and in a state of confusion. “She hasn’t eaten or washed for days,” they say. “She is struggling with mental health problems and substance abuse.” Actress Margot Robbie was seen in tears after she walked out of Cara’s house, her friend. “A lot of Cara’s problems are due to the fact that she was involved with Amber Heard, ex-wife Jonny Depp,” says journalist Joseph Morris. And he talks about red light parties where “there were tons of drugs.” I hope it is fake news, a lie. What is certain is that it is sad to see a girl who had everything, beauty, health, success, money, go through these problems.

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