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New year, new face. With the arrival of 2023 it’s time for changes even at home Best Movie. Your digital source of news, curiosities, insights, columns and reviews on the world of cinema and TV series starts again with a completely renewed lookwhich is just the tip of the iceberg of all the news in store for our readers.

We have in fact worked to make more intuitive, fast and immediate in the use of the various contents, with an eye to those that have always been the favorites of our audience. The biggest change is about the introduction of a new special section on the site and more categorieseven more differentiated and specific, which can be accessed directly from our renewed home page.

HOT: Disruptive news, trendy red carpets, revelations from the sets, behind the scenes, gossip and a touch of spice…

The first novelty introduced on the site is our new HOT section, a sort of parallel home page – accessible from the main one – which collects the news and all those lighter and pop contents that never stop making us chat. Disruptive news, trendy red carpets, revelations from the sets, behind the scenes of the world of cinema, gossip and a spicy tip… because let’s face it: even when we are looking for the release date of the film we most await, the glittering world of Hollywood manages to attract our attention also for the glitter, the textbook drama, the slaps that fly during the night of the Oscars and the spotlights always focused on the love stories between stars. To make it even more intriguing, the various articles on the home page marked with the HOT icon will not have a title, but only an attractive image which invites you to discover the contents. The mood of HOT is simple: let your instincts guide you. Don’t think.

Here you can access the section

MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE, STAR WARS, THE LAST OF US: your favorite franchises always just a click away

If you’re not interested in Scarlett Johansson’s latest plunging cleavage but have opened Best Movie for updates and theories about the Marvel Universe or your favorite franchise, we’ve also got you covered on our new home page. Among the sections introduced on our site you will find those dedicated to mcuwith always new news, galleries, curiosities and insights, but also a Star Wars it’s at current titles such as The Last of Us: the Universes that, more than the others, are able to excite our readers. Each of these “microcosms” will be accessible directly from the relative window on the home page, which shows some previews of the most recent innovations. The sections will be changed from time to time to make room for the most popular releasesso as to always have an area dedicated to the most current franchises and TV series at hand.

Here you can access the three sections:

NOODLES: the new column on Japan

With the new year, the monthly Best Movie has launched a special column entitled Noodles, just like the main ingredient of ramen, one of the most loved Japanese dishes in the world and ubiquitous in the manga and anime that we are most passionate about. And it is no coincidence, since Noodles will be right dedicated to our advice and insights on reading, films and series to see, restaurants and recipes to try, conventions and musical events not to be missed linked to that magical land that is Japan. The various appointments with this new column will be available every month in the SPECIALS section, present with a window on the home page.

Here you will find the launch article of the column with the first seven chapters attached

ZEROCALCARE: all the exclusive pages of the Roman cartoonist

One section that we wanted to highlight on our new site is the one dedicated to the exclusive tables – but also to news and television projects – of one of our most assiduous and beloved collaborators: Zerocalcare. For years the cartoonist from Rebibbia, now also an appreciated screenwriter and television author, he creates for Best Movie comic stories that tell our readers his very personal impressions and considerations on some of the films and the most popular series of the moment. Exclusive tables published in preview in our monthly paper and digital magazine they are then made available on the website in the section dedicated to Zerocalcarewhich you can now find on the home page in a more accessible, practical and renewed version.

Here you can access the section

GALLERY: curiosities from the world of cinema and TV in your favorite format

You can’t say Best Movie without saying Gallery. For years we have been creating for you one of the contents that has now distinguished itself as our “trademark”: the Top 10 dedicated to all the cinematic and television curiosities that you will hardly find with a simple search on the web. Let’s talk about star reveals, behind the scenes from the sets, easter eggs or details that bridge various films that we often didn’t believe could have anything in common. What could bring together a cult like A Clockwork Orange and a cinecomic like Deadpool in the same content? Both were censored for some crazy reason. Or again, what does Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Interview with the Vampire and Iron Man have in common? A casting choice that infuriated the public. What could Kristen Stewart, Daniel Radcliffe and Jason Momoa be chatting about while sitting together at a table? Perhaps, the fact that everyone has stolen objects from the sets of their respective films. In our new site, the section dedicated to the gallery will always be at hand on the home page.

Here you can access the section

SPECIALS: the monthly columns of our authors

A special space has also been created for the sections that have fascinated our readers for years. From Nobody beats the classicedited by Robert Recchionito Card houses ours Martha Peregopassing through Belushi lives Of Nicholas Nocellaour contents dedicated to a niche audience will be collected in an even more practical section, which can be accessed from the main page so as not to miss any piece of the monthly insights created by our authors.

Here you can access the section

ALL THEATER RELEASES: updated dates, synopsis, posters, photos and trailers of upcoming films

Our section dedicated to upcoming great cinema is also renewed: at the bottom of the home page you will find a roundup of posters that make up our space called IN SALA: a database which lists all the films already in Italian cinemas and, of course, also those to come, so as to stay constantly updated on all the most important releases. By clicking on the various posters, you can access the complete title sheet, where there are technical info, official synopses, images, trailers and, of course, the dates of the theatrical debut.

Here you can access the section

And this is all. Now you just have to browse the new and, as always, give vent to your passion for cinema. Enjoy the reading!


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