New Mass Effect – the graphics from N7 Day reveal more than we think. Detailed analysis

BioWare and Electronic Arts are well aware of how many recipients expect any details about the new Mass Effect. And whether it’s a new artwork revealed by the artist or a twist described on Twitter by the technical director – the most important thing is that the community receives new information from which they then create a thousand theories, while imagining what threads will be touched in the game. It is beautiful in its own way.

Post something, come on

After this year’s N7 Day, fans of the Canadian band’s brand are in cloud nine. Personally, throughout November 7, I refreshed the official BioWare blog (and Twitter) in anticipation of some specific information. When I noticed the post about the sale of Mass Effect games, a few new GIFs and statistics showing how players in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition behaved in individual situations, I felt a slight disappointment because I did not find any mention of the new part of the brand in it.

I planned to spend the evening that day with the phenomenal title of Square Enix – Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy. While learning about the threads closely related to the blockbuster Star Lord team just after 23:00, I noticed that my phone was starting to freak out, receiving several notifications per second. After I entered Messenger, it turned out that a friend of mine wrote to me, who is as much a fan of the Mass Effect series as I am. He sent me a link to a new concept art (you can check it out below) from the title we are discussing today, so I clicked on it as soon as possible. It took just a few seconds for a few dozen thoughts to appear in my head about what topics the upcoming BioWare game will cover.

Only one picture was enough for the fans of the series to come back to life. Reddit dedicated to this IP BioWare received another life (it’s hard to count which ones), because everyone with a bit of free time began to share their thoughts and observations. And it is this beauty that I mentioned in the first paragraph of the text – being a Mass Effect fan, you can not get bored, and reading about the next theories is somewhat of a pleasure.

I like such graphics

BioWare, based on what they have shared so far, will most likely want to connect the Milky Way with the Andromeda Galaxy, embedding the fifth part of the brand roughly 700-800 years after the events ending the Commander Shepard trilogy – you can find more about this at this link, where it appears detailed analysis of the trailer made available during last year’s The Game Awards.

Today I’m going to take the concept art shared above for wallpaper. As is already the case with the Canadian team, it reveals more than it seems at first glance – and, more interestingly, it confirms previous thoughts on connecting the stories from the Mass Effect trilogy and those met from the perspective of the Ryder siblings from Mass Effect Andromeda.

In the foreground we notice a spaceship called “SFX”. It is very similar to the units that landed on the Nexus (the station being the operational center of the entire Andromeda Initiative) due to its slender form – the fuselage suggests that the pilot has a very small comfort zone, with gaps in the structure close to the cannon located on the roof and no convex elements near the engines suggests that the ship is not divided into several tiers. It’s the perfect machine for fast-paced operations that never happened in the Milky Way because everyone used shuttles instead.

Four mysterious figures disembarked from the spaceship. Due to the fact that the graphics are in high definition, you can easily zoom them in and check the body structure of individual characters. The one on the left is easiest to tell – it is obviously a krogan in red armor, which may suggest that it is a child of Wrex. After healed the genophage in the Citadel DLC, our companion mentioned at the bar that the girls were lining up for him, so unless he was kidding, Wrex’s consolation would be hard to find during his next adventure in the Milky Way, not considering that he was located very high up in the hierarchy.

It is not difficult to recognize the figure inside. He is undoubtedly a turian in the characteristic helmet from the first Mass Effect (they were specially elongated at the back to accommodate their “slippery fringes”. You can put a question mark on the person at the back and front. Both of them are slim, so just as well. it could be a salarian, a turian, or a man in armor, but the person closest to the crater seems to be blue or purple in color, so perhaps we are even dealing with asari?

The most interesting element of the graphics are the geth lying on the ground. As you know, they took part in the war with the Reapers regardless of how we settled their dispute with the quarians. Their bodies are scattered all over the terrain (also on rocky slopes), so combined with a crater that looks like a geth head, it can be concluded that machines created by the aforementioned race will return in Mass Effect 5.

This clashes with the ending “destruction”, which is supposed to be the canonical one, but based on the experiences of Legion, who was not just a machine, but more than that, it can be considered that the geth is not extinct at all, as it may appear to players at first . With sheer willpower, they could hide from the ending focused on destroying the synthetics, and now they want to fight for theirs again – after all, Shepard had no trouble killing them despite having helped him fight the Reapers? A bit far-fetched, but not impossible at all.

The second option that comes to mind is bringing the geth back to life. Perhaps by the canonical ending of “destruction”, humanity wants to give a second chance to those machines that fell victim to the exhausting war with the Reapers. Those who visited the Legion ship should be well aware that the geth were not as bad as their quarians painted them.

The third and most intriguing geth scenario is their attempt to escape into the Andromeda galaxy. Despite the fact that they were originally machines planned for forced labor commissioned by quarians, after being freed from the hands of their creators, they were able to work wonders. Proof of this is, for example, a clever combination of minds on an object belonging to Tali’s father, on which some illegal experiments were carried out.

Moreover, even before the premiere of Mass Effect Andromeda, a material was revealed in which it was announced that the geth had built a “telescope” in the past to observe the universe, including the Heleus cluster, in which Mass Effect Andromeda takes place. This fact raises another thousand questions, but the safest consideration is that the Andromeda galaxy is nothing mysterious to the geth, and some individuals, fearing death at the hands of the Reapers, left the Milky Way without our knowledge. And their technology is so advanced that they could do it without the help of other races.

The icing on the cake is the destroyed cave itself, in which the explosion took place. After zooming in on the picture, you can see hardened, multi-level terrain on the sides, which may suggest that it was the base where the geth units were hiding. It may even be the geth scientists who developed new technologies hiding in the Andromeda galaxy.

Those who started the journey to the Heleus cluster do not really know how the war of the Alliance Forces against the Reapers ended. They were sent to Andromeda between the end of ME2 and the start of the ME3 storyline, so the conflict with the geth was also not fully resolved. It is possible that they still believe that the quarian-made machines are enemies, so the geth may have hidden in places that have not yet been explored by the Ryder siblings.

We are waiting

Despite the fact that BioWare has already emphasized not to play with detectives, I still think that such an eloquent graphic was not made available for no reason. It reveals more than it may seem at first glance, because showing the dead Geth, as well as the crater resembling their head, could not have been accidental. The geths will be 100% in the new Mass Effect, and I can’t wait to find out from a reliable source what role they will play in the game.

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