New medical degrees and other official health titles

The University Ministry has issued a decree official role Four degrees and five master’s degrees in health.Including new medical degree of Loyola University of AndalusiaIts implementation caused some controversy due to opposition from the University of Seville.

This Saturday, the official state gazette confirmed the official status of the property (private in nature) approved by the Andalusian military government last November. Precisely, the lack of publications from the Bank of England constitutes one of the main criticisms of this issue. Miguel Angel CastelOr, the president of the University of Seville, who denounced Loyola’s medical degree as “legal” It must first be approved by the Government Council of Ministers and appear in the University, Center and Degree Registry.

Also included in the University Division’s resolution establishing the formal nature of the new university degree title is another Loyola University health degree, the care. Likewise, the department led by Diana Morant has given the green light to the following degrees: veterinary (Catholic University of San Antonio of Murcia) and biomedical engineering (University Antonio de Nebrija of Madrid).

Meanwhile, the official status of five other health master’s degrees was confirmed this Saturday in the official state gazette. Three of them teach in Madrid, specifically at European universities (one of them) Oncology care and another Psychological intervention in crisis situations, disasters and emergencies) and Antonio de Nebrija University (Biomedical Science). In Alcalá, the local university will offer official master’s degrees in: physiotherapy Women’s health and pelvic health.

In turn, universities have given the green light to university master’s degrees in the following fields: Psychological intervention in education at the International University of La Rioja.

These titles enable you to practice in the healthcare field

The Ministry of Universities stresses that from now on these degrees will have “official role” and will be valid in Spain. “They have academic and administrative implications and, if this arises from applicable regulations, Can exercise Certain regulated professions,” he noted.

These titles will be collected in Universities, Centers and Degree Registrars (RUCT). “Such registration will require preliminary consideration of recognized titles for established legal and regulatory purposes.”

“The title will be issued in the name of the king by the rector of the respective university in accordance with the provisions of the current regulations and with explicit reference to this agreement,” he concluded.

Although it may contain statements, data, or notes from health agencies or professionals, the information contained in medical writing is compiled and prepared by journalists. Readers are advised to consult a healthcare professional with any health-related questions.

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