New motorcycle license: the passing exam has been abolished

Let’s talk about driving licenses: the pink card is experiencing a period of strong “agitation” that goes from the end of the extensions for those expired from January 31, 2020 to March 31, 2022, to the abandonment of the plastic support in favor of the QRcode, up to reorganization of exams useful for moving to higher “categories”that is, from A1 (achievable at 16 years) to A2 (with a limit of 35 kW / 48 hp) to A3 (without power and displacement limits).

To date, in order to “earn” a higher level license, two years after obtaining the starting license, it is necessary to take a practical exam. Here, from mid-August everything changes, the driving test disappears in favor of the obligation to attend a driving school course lasting 7 hoursconsisting of a theoretical and a practical part.

This “disruption” occurs after the first Senate at the end of July, then the Chamber on August 3, respectively approved the bill n.2646 converting the decree law 68/2022 (“Infrastructure and mobility”) containing, as reported on the official websites of the two chambers, “urgent provisions for the safety and development of infrastructure, transport and sustainable mobility, as well as for major events and for the functionality of the Ministry of sustainable infrastructures and mobility “.

With the OK given yesterday by the House thanks to 259 votes in favor, 9 against and 18 abstentions, this small revolution will be operational by mid-month.

A “coup de hand” that will bring not only an acceleration in the disposal of the many outstanding practices (this is the main motivation underlying the cancellation of the practical exam), but which will also put a patch to the chronic lack of personnel that has characterized the engines for years.

Staying in this area, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has introduced in the meantime to solve the lack of personnel the online theory exam remotely (the candidate’s biometric facial recognition is required) while the idea of ​​”digitize “also the practical testwith the candidate driving the car flanked not by the examiner in flesh and blood but from a monitor through which the latter will have to evaluate the driving test.

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