New obligation due to zero VAT. “It’s a trouble”

Anti-Inflation Shield 2.0 is to bring about reductions in tax rates on various product groups, which is to indirectly mitigate the effects of inflation on the pockets of Poles. The European Commission has agreed to reduce VAT on food to zero, although the EU directive currently does not allow such practices (this is expected to change only in a few months). The introduction of tax changes, although only temporary, also introduces additional obligations for sellers.

According to the draft, which was sent on Wednesday for further work at the Public Finance Committee, reduced rates are to apply from February 1 to July 31, 2022. VAT on food and drinks currently covered by the 5% rate is to drop to zero. (according to analysts of Pekao SA bank, this applies to approx. 2/3 of products sold on the Polish market). With 23 percent up to 8 percent the rate of this tax on motor fuels is to drop: diesel oil, biocomponents constituting self-contained fuels, gasoline, LPG gas. For fertilizers, plant protection products, garden soil and other means supporting agricultural production, VAT is to drop from 8%. to zero.

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