New on Netflix this week: New Season ‘You’, New Season of Will Smith Hit ‘Bright’ and Science Fiction Starring ‘The Mandalorian’

A flood of new movies and series awaits us on Netflix next week. Highlights this time: the third season of Netflix’s hit “You” and the animated fantasy chapter “Bright”.


As with every Sunday, here are the (potentially) exciting movies and series coming to Netflix over the next seven days. Here are the highlights from Netflix on October 11-17, 2021.

Monday: Calm before the rainstorm

Without the big starts on Monday, Netflix gives you the opportunity early in the week to quickly work on the rest of the weekend’s titles – unless you’re a fan of the family drama “The Babysitter Club,” the second season now ended. Today.

Tuesday: News from the “bright” world

In fact, the Netflix fantasy scene “Bright” was intended to kick off the entire series with Will Smith about an alternate world where humans and goblins (more or less) live side by side. But even four years later, we are still waiting in vain for the announcement of “Bright 2”, but there are still supplies. Also in the episodic animated film “Bright: Samurai Soul” the man and the orchestra have to unite – this time not in the present, but in nineteenth-century Japan.

However, for cinema fans, the third season of the documentary series “Films – These Were Our Years Of Cinema” should be even more interesting, as it nostalgically looks back at the origin and meaning of some of the iconic formative films. On the other hand, the document “Convergence: Courage in Crisis” is a very topical topic in which the unknown heroes of the Corona epidemic are in the center of attention.

Wednesday: horror, thriller and anime

Netflix is ​​counting on a colorful mix of innovations on Wednesday. In the horror film “Poison”, a seriously wounded woman tries to regain her lost memory with the help of a mysterious boy, and a policeman in the Polish thriller “Operation Hyakinthos” tries to track down a serial killer who targets homosexuals. Anime fans are making money by spin-offs from the popular series “Violet Evergarden”.

Thursday: Sci-Fi renewed from “The Mandalorian” Star

The first season of “Another Life” received mixed reviews. Let’s see if the second season of the science fiction series starring “Battlestar Galactica” and “The Mandalorian” Katee Sackhoff will look different. The story of the (sinister) contact of mankind with mysterious aliens certainly carries the premises for this.

Friday: “You” season 3 and the German romance on Netflix

Friday is the big Netflix premiere day this time. Fans of “You will love me” can expect new appearances from the psychotic bookseller Joe (Gossip Girl star Ben Badgley) and his soul mate Love (Hill House star Victoria Pedretti) in season three.

Meanwhile, Netflix’s German partner changes the tragicomedy “Du Sie Er & Wir” by Florian Goczek’s “Pepper Berlin” for a more subtle one. On the other hand, those who like it more brutally can reach for the Dutch war movie “The Battle of the Scheldt” or the bloody marriage dispute “Journey – A Fatal Weekend” by director Tommy Werkola’s “Dead Snow”. And while the hype around “Squid Game” hasn’t subsided yet, a new addition to the South Korean action franchise has already appeared in My Name. There is also fresh food for Asian martial arts fans: the historically adapted book “The Monk Comes Down.”

Saturday: The hits of music are ongoing

There will be music on Saturday. “Misfit: The Series” follows the Dutch music trio “Misfit” (which, incidentally, received a new German-language version of the same name in 2019). The series is also about school music and the challenges that come with it.

Sunday: Time for a watchlist and / or a movie

Before the new Netflix week starts, your streaming provider will give you a Sunday break and thus get some air to work from your watchlist. Or, you can just let Netflix be Netflix and visit a movie theater you trust instead.

Netflix news for October

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