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The President of the Republic, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, will launch the new PAC this Friday, August 11, at 10 am at the Municipal Theater in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). The program will invest 1.7 trillion reais in all Brazilian states.

Utilizing funds from the Federal General Budget (OGU), the expected investment in the new PAC will total R$371 billion. For state-owned enterprises, it is 343 billion reais. Funding, 362 billion reais. 612 billion reais for the private sector.

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Strong partnerships between the federal government and the private sector, states, local governments and social movements create jobs and incomes in common efforts, reduce social and regional inequalities, and new programs to address ecological transitions is one of the main characteristics of New industrialization, growth with social inclusion, environmental sustainability.

The new PAC consists of institutional measures and nine investment axes.

Institutional measures are a clear set of prescriptive management and planning laws that contribute to the sustained expansion of public and private investment in Brazil. There are five main groups:

  1. Improving the regulatory environment and environmental licenses.
  2. Credit expansion and economic incentives.
  3. Improvements to concession mechanisms and PPPs.
  4. Consistency with ecological transition plans.
  5. Planning/Operation/Public Procurement

The new PAC includes new lines of conduct, including: Digital integration and connectivity Deploy high-speed internet in all public schools and health care facilities. Along with the expansion of 5G, it will bring 4G networks to highways and remote areas. Total investment: 28 billion reais.

on the axis health, new basic medical units, polyclinics and maternity hospitals will be built and more ambulances will be purchased to improve access to specialized treatment. The New PAC is also investing in the medical industry complex to strengthen the supply of vaccines and blood products, and in telemedicine to improve the efficiency of all levels of service to the public. Total investment: 31 billion reais.

Priority is given to the construction of kindergartens, day schools, modernization and expansion of research institutes and federal universities. education. This program will increase the student’s persistence in school, literacy at age-appropriate and scientific productivity in Brazil. Total investment: 45 billion reais.

Axis action is added to education action social and inclusive infrastructure This will ensure public access to spaces for culture, sport and leisure, with a focus on social interaction and reducing violence. Total investment: 2 billion reais.

For cities to adapt to climate change and provide people with a better quality of life, Sustainable and resilient cities It plans to build new homes for Minha Casa Minha Vida and finance the acquisition of real estate. The new PAC will also invest in sustainable urban mobility modernization, slum urbanization, sewage treatment, solid waste management, slope containment and flood protection. Total investment: 610 billion reais.

shaft water for all It will ensure the quality and quantity of water for the people, and bring water to even the most remote areas of the country. Investing in water resources strengthens communities facing water and climate challenges. New PAC invests in watershed revitalization through integrated conservation, conservation and restoration activities. Total investment: 30 billion reais.

shaft efficient and sustainable transport It brings together investments in highways, railways, ports, airports and waterways in all Brazilian states to reduce domestic production costs for the domestic market and increase Brazil’s competitiveness abroad. Total investment: 349 billion reais.

And to meet the challenges of transition and energy security, 80% of the additional power capacity will come from renewable sources. Through the Luz para Todos program, the new PAC hopes to universalize its services in the Northeast and to the isolated communities of the legal Amazon. The investment in the pre-salt layer expands the production capacity of derivatives and low-carbon fuels in Brazil.shaft Transition and energy security Ensuring the diversity of the energy matrix, Brazilian sovereignty, security and energy efficiency for Brazil to grow at an accelerated pace and create jobs, incomes and social inclusion. Total investment: 540 billion reais.

investment in axis defense This will make it possible to equip the country with cutting-edge technology and increase its defense capabilities. Total investment: 53 billion reais.

As of September, within the scope of the new PAC, the federal government will begin publicizing the selection of other priority projects for states and municipalities totaling R$136 billion, in addition to those announced at the launch of the new PAC. be. The following areas:

  1. City: urbanization of slums, water supply and sewerage, solid waste, urban mobility, prevention of natural disasters
  2. health: UBS, Polyclinic, Maternity Hospital
  3. education: kindergarten, school, school bus
  4. culture: Cultural CEU and Heritage Project
  5. sports: Community Sports Space

The New PAC is back to change lives in Brazil for today and future generations.

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