New pre-paid offer in Orange. Is it worth moving from the old OFnK tariff for PLN 25 now?

For many years, customers of the old Orange Free pre-paid tariff for PLN 25 have accumulated in their accounts countless amounts of gigabytes, thanks to the accumulation of unused transfer and the +1 GB bonus for each service renewal. Now Orange is trying to convince them to switch to the new tariff.

Historical changes in the pre-paid Orange Free offer

In order to illustrate well what Orange is trying to do now with customers of the old Orange Free pre-paid tariff for PLN 25, we have to go back to 2016.

The full name of the tariff from the very beginning was called Calls and SMSs without limit to all + GB and initially it contained unlimited calls to everyone, unlimited SMS messages, no MMSs. In 2016, the cyclical version of this tariff cost PLN 35. Depending on the internship in the network, customers received 2 GB for start – up to one year of internship, 3 GB for one to three years and 5 GB for over 3 years. In addition, in the case of automatic service renewal, customers received 1 GB more, the only condition was the continuity of top-ups and the cyclical version of the tariff.

In July 2017, the number of gigabytes to start in this tariff increased significantly. According to the internship, it was 15 GB (under one year), 17 GB (up to 3 years) and 20 GB (over 3 years) for PLN 35, respectively. Which, together with the accumulation of unused gigabytes in the month and the +1 GB option for each top-up, allowed to accumulate a substantial data transfer over time.

In mid-December 2017, this tariff was modified, thanks to which all customers could activate it for PLN 25.

In this form, this tariff lasted until 2019, when Orange withdrew from it completely, and in its place proposed the Conversations, SMSs and MMS tariffs without limit to all + 15 GB for PLN 30, i.e. PLN 5 more expensive with MMS -ami and without accumulating unused gigabytes.

It was not difficult to guess that the holders of the old tariff then decided not to switch to the new one, among others for this reason, which we can see in the screenshot above from the post about the Orange Free pre-paid offer, which I published six months ago.

The new pre-paid Orange Free offer

Some time ago, Orange restored the accumulation of unused gigabytes in the month of the Calls, SMSs and MMSs unlimited tariff to all + 15 GB for PLN 30, but this did not result in the expected transfer from the old tariff, on which customers had already accumulated terabytes of data, for fear of losing them after activating the new tariff.

So Orange is now renewing its efforts and promising that the owners of the old tariff for PLN 25 without MMS will keep their accumulated gigabytes, and here are all the new rules that now apply when transferring and using the new tariff for PLN 30 with MMS :

  • The validity days from subsequent service activations add up. You can turn on new versions of the service at any time and connect them with each other almost freely.
  • We also add gigabytes from subsequent activations and automatic service renewals, so that the service never runs out of internet.
  • We simplify the transition from the old version without limit (no MMSs) to the current service “Calls, SMSs and MMSs without limit to all + GB package”. Validity days and gigabytes accumulated in the old service will be transferred.

Is it worth moving now? I think so – for PLN 5 more we get unlimited MMSs and we will keep the accumulated gigabytes in the account, and we will only lose the +1 GB bonus option for each top-up, which should not make a difference to customers with 1 TB or 2 TB on the account .

In addition, when activating this plan for PLN 39, customers of the old tariff will be able to use the Social Pass service and access to 5G – service regulations with the latest changes.

Source: Orange Blog.

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