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Buying furniture from IKEA means bringing furniture and accessories into your home imbued with Nordic spirit and charm. And not for nothing! Although its headquarters today reside in the Netherlands, this home furnishing giant was founded in Sweden and owes a great deal to Swedish aesthetics and style in terms of home accessories and objects. If it is true, however, that almost all of IKEA’s proposals recall the Nordic world and the “hygge” atmosphere, some of the furniture of the Swedish giant are more suitable than others for those who want to recreate a perfect Scandinavian style at home: let’s discover them together!

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That Scandinavian it is a style for home furnishings that will hardly go out of fashion: it is highly appreciated by the general public, it is very aesthetic and relaxing and it is also very easy to recreate! In fact, the key elements of the Scandinavian or Nordic style are few, but important:

  • the use of wood typical of Northern Europe, such as the Birchthe larch, the wot and the Oak tree;
  • a good balance between soft and geometric shapes (eg soft sofas combined with more minimal bookcases);
  • the presence of soft, natural colors and little screamed, especially in textiles;
  • the use of many blankets, fabrics and pillowsto recall the warm atmosphere of Scandinavian houses, in opposition to the freezing climate;
  • environments welcomingbut not loaded with too many objects: in short, a “human” minimalism;
  • the commitment to recreate a place that is as much as possible “Hygge” possible (i.e. relaxing, comfortable and welcoming), through small trinkets or accessories.

IKEA Scandinavian style furniture 2022: proposals and news

IKEA: how is its Scandinavian-style furniture

As we said in the introduction of this article, IKEA is synonymous with Nordic and Scandinavian style furniture and owes this particularity to its origins: the company was founded in Swedenwhich together with Norway and Denmark is part of the so-called region of Scandinavia.

But making IKEA furniture and accessories perfect for those who want to furnish their home in perfect Scandinavian style is not just a question of origins and provenance: their aesthetics are important.

Those who usually shop at IKEA will know well how the furnishing accessories of this colossus are mostly made of woodwith neutral and “pastel” colors and present themselves with a good mix of softness and minimalism: in short, they fulfill all the criteria we mentioned above in defining the key elements of the Nordic style.

This applies to the vast majority of products sold by IKEA: some, however, are more suitable than others for those who want to recreate a Scandinavian atmosphere in their home. It is really worth going to discover some of them, you will fall in love with them !!

IKEA Scandinavian style furniture 2022: proposals and news

IKEA Scandinavian style furniture 2022: the SÖDERHAMN and SÖRVALLEN series

IKEA Scandinavian style furniture 2022: proposals and news

To recreate a perfect Scandinavian style, a good sofa that’s all. It must be cozy and softbut at the same time minimal and content, not overly glitzy or over the top. It must have wooden accessories and show off a textile that is inviting to the touch and characterized by neutral and natural colors that are not too bright or screamed.

The idea of ​​opting for is also excellent modular sofas or equipped with footrest And peninsulas: they are both very typical elements of the Nordic style. In this sense, the series of armchairs and sofas SÖDERHAMN And SÖRVALLEN IKEA are truly perfect and will delight anyone looking for furnishing accessories with which to recreate an entirely Scandinavian living room. They have the right mix of softness and minimalism, they are modular and characterized by neutral and interesting fabrics to the touch.

Not only will they give the living area a completely Nordic atmosphere, but they will be very easy to combine with other furniture and accessories!

IKEA Scandinavian style furniture 2022: wooden tables and coffee tables

IKEA Scandinavian style furniture 2022: proposals and news

Almost all IKEA tables and coffee tables are suitable for recreating a Scandinavian aesthetic, but there are some that are worth paying our attention to. The whole series RÖNNINGE of furniture for the dining area really looks like something out of a typical Swedish or Norwegian house: from the colors to the material, to the shape, every element of these products is perfectly in Nordic style.

Also the series of tables and chairs SANDSBERG it is very interesting, but being characterized by a darker color, it must be carefully combined with other softer, more welcoming and clear furnishing accessories, so as not to excessively darken the room.

Of the coffee tables for the living room, the classics deserve a special mention LACKi LUNNARPthe STOCKHOLMthe HEMNES and LISABO: the shape, the wooden coloring and the dimensions make them Scandinavian down to the last vine.

Ikea Scandinavian style furniture 2022: bookcases and shelves

IKEA Scandinavian style furniture 2022: proposals and news

Even in the choice of bookcases, shelves and shelves, we must remember to respect the key elements of the Scandinavian style. The proposals of Ikea, of course, are also many in this case! The iconic BILLYfor example, that’s fine, as well as the very cheap and versatile ones KALLAX. If you have a more generous budget at your disposal, you can also consider HEMNESmade even more Nordic and fascinating by the presence of wood coloring at the bottom of the library.

As for the shelves, we suggest you put them in your cart MÅLERÅSthe STÖDSTORPthe SKUTSKÄRthe FJÄLLBO or le BERGSHULT: their simplicity and very natural colors make them the number one candidates for those looking for Scandinavian products with which to furnish the home.

IKEA Scandinavian style furniture 2022: proposals and news

IKEA Scandinavian style furniture 2022: accessories

IKEA Scandinavian style furniture 2022: proposals and news

As we said at the beginning of this article, one of the key elements of the Nordic style is precisely the accessories and trinketswith which to recreate acozy atmosphere, warm, comfortable and, ultimately, hygge. Go ahead and then a pillows, blankets, frames, knick-knacks, bedside lamps and plants.

The section “Decorative accessories “ IKEA is full of inspirations and ideas with which to give an extra touch of personality to your Scandinavian-style rooms, as well as the category “Vases and bowls “Baskets and boxes “Candlesticks and candles “ And “Blankets and plaids “: you are spoiled for choice and we are sure that the selection of these fun and sweet accessories will be the most fun part of your Nordic themed shopping.

A tip: don’t overdo it! In Scandinavia quality wins over quantity and there is a tendency to prefer “human” minimalism to excessively overcrowded and chaotic environments.

IKEA Scandinavian style furniture 2022: lighting

IKEA Scandinavian style furniture 2022: proposals and news

Lighting is also important in creating a Scandinavian-style environment! In addition to the normal accent and general lights, it will be important to select some atmosphere lampsto achieve true Nordic hygge.

We therefore suggest you do not let it slip away floor lamps like the LAUTERSthe SKOTTORPthe LERSTA and the SKURUPbut also those from table and bedside table like the BARLASTthe TOMELILLAthe RINGSTA and the VISSLEBO: these are all Scandinavian DOC options that will help you to give character to the room and to recreate that typical warm and welcoming atmosphere that Nordic houses have when everything is frozen outside.

Gallery ideas and photos of IKEA furniture in the Scandinavian style 2022

In our gallery you can find the best Scandinavian-style IKEA furniture you can’t miss!

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